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Why Jamaica Pond is so special to me

Dec 1, 2020 3:17 PM

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Ever since I was young, my family has been going to Jamaica Pond all the time. It is not very far from my house, and we have always gone there to enjoy nature and be around other people. Jamaica Pond has always been special to me, and I have very fond memories of the pond over the years.

The Boat House is the first thing you see when you enter the pond. It was built in 1913 from plans by William Austin. There are sailing lessons held at the boathouse. I think that the Jamaica Pond Boat House is a beautiful piece of architecture, and a great way to be greeted by the pond.

This bench has always fascinated me ever since I was young. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to sit on a bench with two ends, but I did it anyway. Now, I understand that it is a piece of art, and I love watching people see it for the first time. One time, my dad and I sat and read right behind it, and we heard many people have conversations about it. It looks so out of place, but I love the fact that it is there.

The Sugar Bowl has always been a hot spot for sledding in Jamaica Plain between me and my childhood friends. It is a pretty steep hill to sled down for young kids, and we always loved seeing how far up the opposite hill we could get before the snow slowed us down. It is pretty well-known and can sometimes get pretty crowded, but that never stopped us from bombing it down the hill.

Next to the pond, there is a pretty large field with a baseball field, and some of my earliest memories take place here. I played soccer on this field every Saturday when I was very young, and then when I got a little older, I started playing baseball on the field too. I also have memories of me and my brother looking for an albino squirrel that was rumored to live near the field.

Jamaica Pond is also a great place to watch the sunset each evening. The colors look amazing when they reflect against the water. The sun looks extremely beautiful lowering down below the treeline. Especially in the fall, I love sitting and watching the sunset behind the trees with colorful leaves.

One of the biggest events held at Jamaica Pond is the lantern parade before each Halloween. Every year, my family meets up with our friends and gets dressed up in costumes to walk around the pond. There are stands selling apple cider and beautiful lanterns made of recycled plastic liter bottles and tissue paper. It is a very popular event, and we often run into other friends along the way. This is my favorite thing to do at Jamaica Pond.

Music is a huge part of the community at Jamaica Pond. There will often be groups and bands playing music throughout the parks surrounding the pond. Another big event at the pond is the JP Music Festival. Every year my family goes down to the pond to listen to bands perform all day. There are many activities to do, as well as food trucks to try new food from.

This pavilion is a really cool public space on the waterfront. You will often see people performing there, such as bands or dance groups. In my taekwondo program, we often walk down to the pond and practice under the pavilion. It is a really nice place to look out over the water and watch people or animals.

One of the best parts of Jamaica Pond is the wildlife and nature that surrounds it. There are often birds, geese, and ducks all around. Many of the animals are very beautiful, and they will come up pretty close to people walking around. I take my dogs to the pond sometimes, and they love watching the ducks in the water.