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Ways that people prepare for Mother’s Day

May 19, 2021 5:02 PM

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May is never the most pleasant month. Sometimes it rains like God pouring out his entire bathtub, and sometimes it is nice enough for even the moodiest person to lighten their heart. Humans of course paired this special month up with a special holiday: Mother’s Day. This might be just a normal day for some, but for others, this might be such a special day that they can rejoice upon and shed tears because of how happy they are. Here are some ways that people prepared Mother’s Day for, of course, their mother. 

Oftentimes, people can’t think of much for their Mother’s Day, so they decided to spend a day with theirs! Ms. K, who I shall not name, went grocery shopping with their parents and prepared a meal with them together. She had a very good time, saying: “I just want to cut and peel all of the food so it would be ready for me to cook with her on Mother’s Day.”

Remember all the cookies and cakes that you ate as a child? Those simple and sweet chocolate chips on the cookies that melt in your mouth and in your heart are sometimes the best things you could imagine as a child. Mr. H, who missed moments like these, has turned those fading aromas in his memories into reality for this special holiday. (Photo credit to Sean Hagan, a Teens in Print volunteer.)

When people grow up, they often leave the place where they were born. They went out to seek what is for them, or a better future. But on this day, even those who want to hang out with their friends, busy with work, or even watch a movie with your girlfriend, can hopefully take out 15 minutes or more from their precious time to write something for the person who took care of them that they perhaps haven’t seen in so long.

Sometimes, writing doesn’t cover everything that you wanted to say, especially during such a period of time where everything is changing around you that you don’t even know where to begin. Thankfully, with the power of technology, you can speak to your loved ones face-to-face, without really being face-to-face. Now, are you prepared for your mother’s surprised face when they see you on the phone?

Of course, there are times that you don’t know what to do for Mother’s Day because of how young you are. Do not worry, there will always be an opportunity for you to show your love towards your mother. In this case, Mrs. D’s Daughter joined this activity held by her kindergarten, where she had successfully found her mother only by her feet! Under some encouragement, she was finally able to say the words “I love you” as her mother excitedly pulled her into her chest. (Photo credit to my elementary school teacher, Hongli Du.)

Every mother deserves their reward, yet they never asked for one — as if it is nothing for the heavy responsibility that they bear for taking care of us. We, as human beings, often cannot do much. We’re dragged by work or school, and were already too tired to even reply to her message of: "will you come home for dinner tonight??" But maybe, just maybe, on this day, they can also earn something — no matter how much you are willing to pay, even if it was just a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” message.