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The seven things that made me

Dec 1, 2020 2:17 PM

Photo Essays

I consider myself to be a powerful young woman for some pretty unconventional reasons. For starters, my definition of power has more to do with the many factors of my identity than it does money, popularity, or material goods. A big source of my power stems from my femininity and the natural intensity that feminine energy exudes. In this photo essay, I’ll take you all on a journey to see all the things that give Amaiya her power.

Honey gloss by Maxi Professional is something that I’ll always have stored in my purse. Not only does it give me the moisture I need, but it also gives me the shine I deserve. I think just about every teen girl has a set of lip glosses at her disposal. Me, however? I have red glosses, clear glosses, lip balms of all types and forms just because I live for the variety. In my makeup routine, my lip look is my favorite because it's such an underrated feature. This gives my creative mind an easy time jazzing them up.

This cute, small blue bag has my initial on it because it’s practically a part of me! In here are my secrets to an iconic sharp wing, a pro-MUA-approved contour, and a blinding highlight. My makeup bag will be with me in sickness and in health, for better or for worse and till death do us part. Period.

Jewels are a girl’s best friend — that’s practically my motto. I can’t complete a look without a pair of hoop earrings, a cute nameplate necklace or even hair specific jewels. To be abundantly clear, I’m extra head-to-toe. Jewelry has a special place in my heart because many of my pieces are gifts from my family members. It's also special because I think being covered in jewels is such a priceless look. One day I hope to be so rich that I can have an entire room and closet dedicated to my jewelry.

Vera Wang blessed the world when she created this lovely fragrance: “Embrace.” This specific perfume smells so sweet, and it isn’t overwhelming by any means. Much like my mother, I tend to gravitate towards smells that aren’t any more domineering than me. When I’m wearing Embrace, I thrive on the subtle but noticeable wave of green tea and pear blossom. When I wear Embrace, I’m reminded of myself — subtle and sweet.

This gem’s name is “Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker, and I agree that the name is fitting. When I wear Lovely, I’m taken back in time to when girls wore huge dresses and rode in horse-led carriages. My tone and vocabulary change when I have Lovely on. Suddenly, I find myself using words like “extravagant” and “immaculate.”

NYC in itself is a magical place. I mean, have you heard “Empire State of Mind?” For as beautiful as New York is, I think Sarah Jessica Parker’s “NYC” perfume embodies that perfectly. NYC makes me feel like bumping and rushing my way through Times Square, wearing a chic, black tan trench coat and thigh-high boots!

Last but not least, “Angel” by Mugler. This perfume gives you five star, exclusive, VIP only energy. When I wear Angel, it allows me to tap into every drop of power and regal grace that I embody. Angel makes me think of everything fancy, everything drippy and everything icy (*in my Saweetie voice). To put it into a better perspective, Angel is the young woman who is the CEO of a Fortune 500, and as she walks into work, ever so slightly, she commands the attention of everyone in the room.