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The lessons learned through sports

Nov 12, 2020 4:47 PM

Photo Essays

Perseverance: Sports can teach you the importance of perseverance. when I am competing or practicing, there will be many times that I want to give up, but I know that if I give up, I will never get any better. Learning to persevere can not only help you succeed in sports, but also in life. This photo was taken after I completed a freezing cold triathlon with pouring rain. Even though it was tough, I kept going and ended up doing great. 

Time management: Since I play multiple sports, sometimes it is hard to juggle my school schedule and my sports schedule. On certain days I would have to go from one practice straight to another. Through all this, it teaches an important lesson which is to get things done instead of procrastinating. In this photo, I had gone from school, to soccer to swimming but I managed to handle it well.

Goal setting: Setting goals is always an important part of life because it teaches you to push yourself since you have something to work up to. This picture shows my first time qualifying for the Regional Championship. I remember being very excited because I had worked really hard to get there. When setting goals, no matter what the goal is, it’s important to work towards your goals or plans.

Dedication: During quarantine, my family had nowhere to go and nothing to do because of the virus and I knew that being away from sports for a while was going to impact my fitness level. During this time, I would use the bike trainer to keep my stamina and muscles strong. It really helped me realize that I needed to be dedicated to staying in shape and healthy during lockdown.

Hard work: As I got older, training for sports became more and more serious. In soccer, you had to train for the starting lineup and the scores really did matter. So sometimes I would put on my sneakers and play with the ball, and just get some touches in. It really helped overall with increasing my skill set and also recognizing the perks of hard work.

Failure: Through sports, I have learned to accept disappointment and use it as a building block to success. In one of my past swim meets, I was doing the 100 butterfly event, which is one of my weaker races. At the end of the race, my cap slowly slipped off. This made me add a lot of time in my race but even though I was frustrated, I knew that there is always a chance to get better.

Success: To be successful, I have learned to not be afraid to make mistakes. Also, to appreciate the friendship and deeper meaning of sports. The successes from sport are not only measured in medals in trophies I have earned, but are truly a collection of life lessons learned along the journey.