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The day in the life of a dog

Nov 23, 2020 3:15 PM

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The life of a dog is very interesting, and there is a lot of work to it, for the human I should say. Like all dogs, Abby's day starts out by her waking from her slumber. Luckily for me, she and I wake up at the same time, unlike other dogs who might pounce on you so you will get up for the day. She then runs down the stairs to start her daily routine.

At least once a day Abby chases her tail, usually she does this activity right after she's eaten breakfast. This is a big part of her daily routine, as it is for most dogs. She loves running in circles until she gets dizzy, which causes her to circle the other way. This usually goes on for a little while and then she gets tired and takes a nap.

Once she has woken up from her nap, she goes straight to the couch window. She loves to look outside and watch the world around her. Although, this calm activity can easily turn into a loud extravagant event. If she sees an unknown person or an animal such as a squirrel or another dog, her protective side kicks in. She starts to bark until they are past the driveway. If you ever get a dog just know they will protect you, even from things you don't need to be protected from.

If Abby wants or is ready to take her walk she waits by the door. Abby has short hair, so on snowy days like today she has to wear her coat to keep warm in the cold weather. Abby did not look forward to her walk today as you can tell by the look on her face.

When we go on our walks she always has to be first. Today it was windier and wetter than I thought, and Abby doesn't like being outside when it snows or rains, she prefers when it's dry. Taking your dog on walks is a major part of having a dog and can also benefit yourself as well.

After our walks she usually goes to her bed. She has a very large selection of toys to choose from, my family ends up getting a lot of toys because she bites and tears them really easily. Sometimes, like other dogs, she chews on things she is not supposed to chew on, such as my shoes. That is another trait that you have to get used to when and if you decide to get a dog.

After a long day it's supper time. I pour Abby’s food into her bowl. If we have dinner at the same time that she does, instead of eating her kibble, she waits around hoping and begging that a piece of food will fall on the floor. One of us usually gives in and gives her a little something to nibble on. Once my family has finished eating she gives up and walks back to her dish to scarf down her food.

Abby may be a bit of a handful, but she still is a great dog. Your dog will love you no matter what, and dogs are great companions. Abby has been a great listener and my loyal sidekick through this pandemic. These qualities overshine the work that it takes to take care of her. It is truly worth having a dog.