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Symbols of my quarantine

Dec 10, 2020 1:23 PM

Photo Essays

In this photo essay I decided to show what’s happened during my quarantine, which maybe has happened to others too. In the photos you will see items that I thought showed a lot about me, but also showed changes due to quarantine.

This image was taken out of the blue, but when I see it I see how much me and the people around me have changed. It also shows how, over time, people change and try new things. The products don’t really matter, but it shows that some things stay the same while some move on to new things.

In this image you can see my R.J. plushie that was a gift from a while back. Now why would this show anything about my quarantine? Because R.J. has been a survivor of falling and sleeping on the floor for the past seven months. I could hide him away in the closet, but that would be no fun, so alas R.J. suffers through nights on the floor.

Unlike our other images, this one is more of a picture of a drawing. I myself did not draw it, but I believe it adds to elements of quarantine cause it's one of the only pieces of art on the wall and I believe that it can show how alone people can feel — like how the painting is alone and the only thing on the wall.

Unlike the other pictures this is of my windowsill, and the day was very bright and in general a good day. This was at the beginning of quarantine, when I and others were trying out new things. I would like to think that the brightness represents hope because even though quarantine is hard, a lot of people still have hope.

Similar to the first image, this image shows the changes that people have gone through whether it be their wardrobe or point of view. Unlike the first image, though, this photo shows more of the loss. The hangers and boxes were old clothes that I and my family no longer wear, and how people make room for new things and new changes.

Similar to picture four, this is a picture of my windowsill. But unlike the fourth picture it is dark and gloomy compared to the bright day, I think this image shows how quarantine has been — how at first we started off hopeful and happy, but now people feel more gloomy and blue.

This image shows more of the environment and what has been going on in the community. This picture was taken from the window in our living room of a protest, and because it is something that showed a lot of support, it really gave me hope that the world will and can change. I also like to think that the bright days in the middle of the pandemic gave a lot of people hope.