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Aug 27, 2021 10:52 AM

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Editor’s note: This article discusses mental illness and suicide. If you’re struggling, please reach out to one of the supports listed at the bottom of this article.

In our life, have you ever thought about what’s right or what’s wrong? There are so many social issues going on around the world but most of us are just ignoring them or waiting for them to come to an end. Life is like an iceberg because people are always looking at the part above sea level. The part underneath it’s invisible, or not meant to be seen. It is hard to understand someone's feelings or thoughts, but it doesn't mean that it’s impossible.

Alcohol seems like a normal thing for adults because they drink it for work conversation, everyday conversation, partying, and other events. It seems harmless but it's not. According to the CDC, “Every day, 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 50 minutes.” This shows that people abuse alcohol, which causes many accidents. So, when should alcohol be used? You should think about what will happen after you get drunk before thinking about getting a shot.

My dad’s family has a person who overdosed on drugs, and he’s gone. He is my cousin. I never met him before. Knowing that he was addicted to drugs and that drugs blinded him to the point where it dug a space for him in the ground made me scared of touching that stuff. Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse said that “More than 70,000 Americans died from a drug-involved overdose in 2019, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids.” You might be curious — what is it like? Or, what does it taste like? For me, a person who has a family member who died due to drugs, I think that it tastes like a prison. Once you are in, it’s a challenge to come back out.

Suicide is something that should not be a thought for anyone. People think that after you die, everything will end. No. You might be gone in this world and have nothing to worry about, but you leave your loved ones behind with pain that they would never be able to recover from. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in the US there were 132 Americans who died by suicide each day in 2018. If you are a KPOP fan, you might have heard of Sulli and Jonghyun's deaths. They died due to suicide. If people that you see with fame, money, and beauty could be a victim of suicide, then why wouldn’t a normal person be? If you ever saw someone considering suicide then talk to them, but if things get serious then you should ask for help.

As a person who has been through depression due to the pressure of grades, I can guarantee you that it is not a good time. It's been two years already since the day I got better and stepped out of that world. Even so, the population of people with depression ranges mostly between 2-6% of the world today. It is not a large number, but seeing people going through it hurt me a lot. If you've ever been through such a hard time then try to talk to someone that you trust or go see a psychiatrist so they can help you out.

When I was young, I saw my dad and my mom arguing a lot throughout — not every day but once in a while. I don’t see it anymore now, but sometimes I still recall those memories. Maybe those actions that I saw when I was young influenced me to be a person that doesn’t want to get married or have kids because I don’t want a bad marriage to hurt both me and my partner or my innocent child. High divorce rates in America make me wonder whether we are living in a world of rushing into marriage or not. When you are in love, you want to speed up the process. When you are giving up, you are still rushing it too. Don’t rush through love because when you are, it could be hurting you, your partner, and also your future.

People say money can’t buy love, can’t buy time, can’t buy sleep, and so on. To me, you're somewhat right, but not really. Money can’t buy love, but without money, there is no love. There is no one willing to be in love and have no money in their pocket. Money can’t buy time, but it can save you time. You can’t compare a person with a car to a person who is walking every day to work. It is hard to live in this world without money, but that doesn't mean that money should be a key to everything. People use it for everything. Sometimes we give out money, but not our hearts. I saw a lot of adults giving out their parents' money. When parents are old, they don’t need that; they need your time. Money can be something that you won’t have today. You can have it in the future if you are willing to work harder, but love and time are something that you can’t buy. You might think what you are seeing is love, but in reality, it's just a cover for the money.

In recent years, the media and news were overwhelmed with protests about racism such as the Blacks Lives Matter movement, protests for justice for George Floyd, and many others. People always say that if you live under one roof then you’re family, but then say that other people that breathe the same air, wear the same clothes, and live under the same planet can’t be family. When did skin colors and looks become something that separated people apart? Racism doesn’t make anyone feels good. It’s just hurting others, so we should be united to create a better world.

As years go by, there are a lot of new changes in the world. As good things grow, bad things are slowly rising in silence. Look at the world and the people around you. Try to be close to them to understand what they go through. Help them out because when you go through the same thing, they might help you back.

If you are interested in mental health treatment, you can research options and apply for financial support using the To Write Love on Her Arms Find Help Tool

If you are in crisis, you can reach the Samaritan’s Hotline by phone call or text message at 877.870.4673 or chat online at the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.