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Social interaction during COVID-19

Sep 3, 2020 6:55 PM

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An evening of hanging out with friends looks wildly different now. From the beginning of the evening, everyone was acutely aware of how different everything is now. We sat around the table, masks on except for eating. We reminded each other to keep our distance.

The main difference when we hang out now is the fact that we’re all overly cautious. Despite what we’re doing or how much fun we’re having, there is always the worry about the virus nagging us, and as we nag each other.

This virus has impacted the ways that we interact with each other, and made us come up with new plans and ideas of what to do when we hang out. Our (ultimately unsuccessful) idea was to watch a movie outdoors by projecting onto a sheet.

Socially distant hanging out means constantly staying outside. Each time we decide to do something, we need to brainstorm fun things we can do outside, and some are much more successful than others.

I feel like walking has become a staple for many people during this quarantine, and it’s no different for my friends and I. it’s nice for us to take walks around the neighborhood and to the park, and gives us something to do instead of just sitting around.

Despite it being an odd hour on a Tuesday night, the park was full of families and small groups of people. It was nice to see that the majority of these groups were following social distancing guidelines, wearing masks and keeping themselves distant. As we sat near the tree line, we were able to talk and observe the people around us.

It’s hard to walk the line when it comes to safety, especially while eating. My friends and I had a very long discussion about how to organize the scooping of ice cream so as to transmit as few germs as possible. We wore our masks almost the entire duration of the time we were hanging out, and made sure to try and keep each other safe.

It’s funny how much small things become fascinating when you are with people you like and share a lot in common with. All of us crowded around the table (masks on of course) to look at the bug trapped in the candle.

It seems that not all plans are meant to be successful, and our attempt at watching a movie outside did not work at all. We tried to work our way through the projector issues, but eventually we scrapped it and just decided to sit and talk.

It’s strange how this summer feels both normal and not normal. There’s nothing normal about living through this pandemic, and having to constantly take precautions. But somehow, at the end of the night, walking in the empty streets, it could almost pass for a regular summer.