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My street, from different perspectives

May 21, 2021 11:07 AM

Photo Essays

These photos that I have captured are taken from the street in front of my house. As long as I have lived on this street I've noticed the different angles that can be seen. Through the use of these pictures, I am symbolizing the importance of acknowledging how different the perspectives and views of others can be when it comes to viewing the same thing. I am capturing eight different pictures from eight different angles, all from the same street, but, metaphorically, different perspectives.

The view from my house, angled towards the corner.

The view from the sidewalk from behind a tree.

The view from the middle of the road, leading into the sidewalk.

The view from my window, peering onto the road.

The view leading from the corner, facing the street.

The view from the corner, close to the parked cars.

The lower view from the vehicles turning into my street.

The view from entering the crosswalk into Dr. Loesch Family Park.

This is how different every perspective or viewpoint of a watch-person can seem. Based on every different angle, the same thing can look or seem so different. We should be able to have in mind that we all may be talking about the same thing, but looking at it from a different angle.