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My neighborhood has secrets

May 19, 2021 5:13 PM

Photo Essays

The place I was raised has been deemed a “ghetto,” and “disgusting” area. Growing up, I didn’t see that and I still don’t. I wanted to capture the pieces and places of my neighborhood that go beyond those negative stereotypes while sharing my own experiences here.

As summer approaches, leaves on trees are full and green, yet nobody realizes it in my area. All attention is focused on the bustling streets, busy people, and their own lives. Looking up, you can actually see the beautiful leaves and bright sky.

Dandelions sway in the wind while busy cars pass by, paying them no mind. To me, this overlooked patch of dirt and grass on the side of a busy road represents the simplicity of nature, even in the city. The contrast between our fast lives and these still flowers is breathtaking.

There are many sitting areas in this particular park, but this one is my favorite. This bench holds memories of me and my friends enjoying fruit salad, playing tag and even meeting new people. This park in particular holds history, even from before I was born, and that means a lot to me.

The view from the top of this park is captivating. You can see apartment buildings, trees and even a highway if you look hard enough. It may not be the “clean and serene” view that is often seen in country areas, however, I don’t care. Hundred of people pass this view on their way to school or work, yet is overlooked constantly.

I love my neighborhood, despite its flaws. Sometimes things go wrong, but my neighborhood helps clean up the mess. We still do right for people no matter what. Even with new people moving in and things being changed, we still hold the same values. We may not talk to each other, we may not know each other, but we still support each other.

My neighborhood has gone through so much, and yet we still carry on. Loss, gentrification, hatred, shootings and more have been seen by my neighborhood. We are still here, and we won’t give up on preserving the beauty of our neighborhood. I remember growing up with so many people here and even getting to know their families. That means more to me than any landscape in my neighborhood.

Sometimes I walk through the heavily trafficked areas of my neighborhood and stumble upon quiet pockets. Although these catch me off guard sometimes, I take my time to appreciate them. These areas make even the busiest areas seem calm. They may not be perfect, but I love them.

Overall, I love my neighborhood and I am proud of it. I grew up here and I have witnessed it change through the years. I made friends and family without even knowing it, and I love that. My neighborhood means more than what it may appear to be, and until you actually live here and witness daily life, you will not understand that.