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My garden

Aug 27, 2021 12:25 PM

Photo Essays

I have a backyard garden. This is the garden where I get a lot of organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Now, this garden is organized by my parents. First, this garden was created by my sister in 2011. Still, this garden continues. This is a great place to get organic food and also save money.

This is my favorite flower from my garden. It is the orange rose. I like this rose. The color and fragrance of this flower fascinate me. This flower enhances the beauty of the surroundings. Because of this flower, my garden looks very nice. We planted this flower last summer, and it looks nice. I did not imagine that I would have it.

When I see this picture, I get hungry. I like to eat cherries with salt, roasted chili, and coriander leaves. This is a really good dish to eat on a hot day. I learned this recipe from my Mom. First, when my mom asked me to try this dish, I said I didn't want to. My mom said to try it one time, so then I thought, okay. Now I am a fan of it. Now I am happy to get this fruit from my garden.

The quality of red spinach is something that I just like to eat because red spinach has the ability to improve blood flow. It also contains iron, which fights anemia. The fiber in it is essential for the healthy functioning of the liver. And, also, I like to eat this when I mix it with my rice. It looks like red rice. The main thing is that I get organic red spinach from my garden.

I prefer to see peaches than to eat such a fruit, because of their beauty. I like peaches for the color combination. I like when the red and the yellow color mix. I like to eat peaches, too. From this fruit, I like the sour taste. In my garden, I have three peach trees. When people saw the photo of it, they said how nice it is. We are so happy to grow it in our garden.

Cucumber is my favorite food. I can’t imagine my day without cucumbers. I eat it and also use it for my skincare, too. Cucumbers are really good for health. They’re high in nutrients. Cucumbers are low in calories, but high in many important vitamins and minerals. Every day we get cucumbers from our garden, and when we have a lot of them, we make our salad with them.

Mainly, we plant aloe vera to improve our special care. That includes our haircare, skincare, and some health care. Aloe vera can help people take care of and heal their burns, improve their digestive health, promote their oral health, clear acne, and etc. Mainly, I use it to control my hair from falling out, make it smooth, and protect the beauty of my skin. Also, we make aloe vera Juice from it.

So far I have not seen or heard of a person who does not like to eat apples. Naturally, I always prefer to eat red apples. But, in my garden, I only have green apples. I was confused and nervous that it would not be yummy to eat, but when I took a bite it was just mashed. The taste of that is sweet and sour, mixed. This year I have a lot of apples in my garden, and it looks nice. Yesterday I got 10 apples from the garden and it still has a lot left.

I don’t know the name of this fruit, but I have it in my garden. The taste of it is sour, but it looks nice. I like to see birds sitting on a tree and eating fruits. In the meantime, I think about how the birds enjoy their life. They eat whatever they want and also do whatever they want to do. I saw this fruit yesterday afternoon. The birds ate it, but not the other fruits. Just as I was on my phone to catch one photo the bird was gone, which makes me sad. Also, my family members don’t know the name of it. It is so funny to discuss that in my home.

Does anyone know what these flowers are? Okay, I can tell you guys that these beans are flowers. I got a lot of beans last year, and we were given a lot by our relatives. This year, just the flower has come. I like to eat beans. My mom cooks it with other mixed vegetables and with fish. When the beans come it looks nice. Sometimes people are walking on the street and stop by my garden and take pictures. And people sometimes ask, “Can I get some vegetables? We give them as much as we can all the time.”

Generally, we eat spicy food. To make it spicy, we need a lot of chiles. For the whole summer, we get all of the chiles from our garden. My mom saves some chilis for the winter by drying them. After summer, we use dry chilies to cook food. Also, to make a spicy salad, we use green chilis. We have three kinds of green chilies.

A garden is a place where people can spend their leisure time and also get fresh air. I am going to the garden when the sun is down. The weather is not that hot. From my garden, we get a lot of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. My parents care for all of the plants. Sometimes we help them. From that, we save a lot of money and also get organic food. We are not selling this food, but we give it to our relatives and some other people for free. I like it when the bird comes into the garden, sits upon a tree, and eats the fruits. At that time, I always thought that birds can do whatever they want and eat without permission. I feel as though I have wings; I can go anywhere. Birds have all the freedom to do everything. I am so proud of my garden.