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My favorite foods

Dec 22, 2020 3:17 PM

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Okay, everyone has some favorite foods and all. It’s a universal rule—unless you don’t eat food, in which this case does not apply to you. But if you do eat food, then maybe you got a grandma that cooks a mean roast swan or something. Maybe you got a favorite restaurant. I don’t know. But these are the foods that are the most special for me.

One day, my mother came across a recipe online or somewhere—I can’t say I remember. That day, she made this dish, chicken pesto, which has been one of my favorite foods ever since. She usually makes it when I get good grades or if I’m feeling down, and whenever she tells me she will, I am always left with a slight grin on my face. 

Cookies. Yes, truly a food of the ages. Cookies are a legendary-tier dessert that I have loved ever since I got my grimey hands on them. I remember looking forward to the end of the year because my mother would make sesame cookies for New Year’s, which sound terrible but are really good!

My father’s family usually gets dim sum every few months or so, which is basically Chinese brunch. It’s always very enjoyable because I get to hang out with my cousins and eat a lot. But anyway, at dim sum, the waiters bring carts of food around and you can pick from them. Our family’s, or just my, favorite thing to get are these egg custard tarts which are just so flaky and creamy. They are called 蛋挞.

I watched my first anime, Naruto, when I was a bit younger. In the show, you can often find the characters eating food, ranging from junk food to Korean barbecue. So one day I again saw a scene with the protagonist, Naruto eating a mysterious food called ramen, so I asked my father if we could have ramen for dinner that night. I did not regret it—it has probably become my favorite meal. Whenever I go out to eat ramen, I think back to the days when I could binge-watch anime like that because of the time I had. The biggest problems I had back then were the bosses I faced in video games, not school.

Ice cream is easily a top-tier dessert. You can’t argue that—or else, you are lying! In particular, I am very fond of Cold Stone ice cream. It is just the best. Cold Stone has always been my go-to when I want ice cream. I remember that when I was younger, I played hockey and that I had this deal with my parents. One goal equals one Cold Stone sundae. I have many nice memories of heading to Cold Stone after hard-fought games and getting a refreshing medium mud pie mojo with extra peanut butter.

Lyndell’s is a great bakery that is local to me. Now, I know that this isn’t one singular item of food, but hear me out. Lyndell’s has all sorts of great pastries, and I have some nice memories of picking up tons of pastries there—specifically, some other stuff, and then a good amount of half moons, which are basically cakes but small. My family calls them “black and white cookies”.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why did you just put an egg here? You have gone too far. You buffoon, you moron”. Well, I wanted to mix it up a little and meme; this is somewhat of an honorable mention. The egg is just such a solid food. Think of a baking recipe. There is a 90% chance there is an egg included in it. Also, the egg is such a solid breakfast food. Although it isn’t the “main protagonist”, the egg plays such a strong supporting role in everything. It is truly the cornerstone of the world.