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My family's traditions when Christmas comes around

Dec 2, 2020 3:10 PM

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Christmas is my favorite holiday!

I love the holiday movies, the fairy lights, the decor, the presents and overall, blissful joy. 

I love when there's jolly music playing in the background of my house, and when the hot cocoa kicks in and warms your insides. When the snow falls, it’s just so captivating — leaving all of the outside creamy white.

One thing my mother likes to do on Christmas is replace the star on top of the tree with an angel. This is the angel my mom uses to replace the star with every year. It’s become a tradition of sorts.

My mother likes to prepare early for Christmas. We usually have the tree up by mid-November. We have Christmas decorations ranging from angels and clowns to butterflies. There's really no theme to our tree — just a lot of color.

For Christmas, we like to indulge in all kinds of foods. My mother likes to go all out with everything, including Christmas decor. I believe this photo here was taken in 2019. Of course, we don’t eat all by ourselves. My mother likes to send a peace offering to God. It’s kind of like in the Percy Jackson series, where they burn their food for the greek gods. Apparently Christmas is also known to be Jesus’s birthday. Or, at least, that’s what my mom says.

Everything is all festive and cutesy-like. You can see Santa-themed desserts and candies of all kinds. It’s always a party for us.

Chocolate is a must on Christmas. In the middle you can see my favorite of them all — Grand Ferreo Rocher. Oh — how happy I was to know that she gifted me that!

We even like to set up our beds in a Christmas-themed way. We may not have decor outside of our house, but at least we're keeping ourselves warm with indoor Christmas spirit.

To help us get in the Christmas mood we have a lot of Christmas-related mugs, candles, napkins and much more. I find Christmas decor more adorable than any other decor.

This photo was taken in 2018, when trees and lights were all covered up with snow. The ground looked like cake. You could literally sink inside the frosty fluff of snow. This scene in real life was so aesthetically pleasing.

It pleases me to know that even though 2020 is a rough year, there is still room for Christmas in our hearts. I hope you guys can safely celebrate your Christmas or Hanukkah, and remember to wash your hands and keep a safe distance of six feet.