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My Chinese heritage

Mar 16, 2021 1:43 PM

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There are many different cultures and unique lifestyles a person could have. Although culture may vary from one to the next, it’s part of what makes us unique. I’m proud to say my family originated from Guangdong, China, and has settled here as of now.

There are multiple Chinese decorations in my family’s house, but here is the one that means the most to us. It is a banner with yellow and red, the traditional colors. The word in the center means “blessing.” Most banners have a word of fortune, whether it be luck, happiness, or prosperity.

There are many types of candies, including Chinese candies. They can be hard candy with wrappings, to dried fruit candies. The flavors are typically fruits: apples, grapes, etc. It can be different from each family, but there is usually a candy container, a jar or something similar to place sweets. Ours is a golden apple with the word "good luck."

Red envelopes are small red and gold themed packets containing money that are given to friends and family, usually from an adult to a younger child. The red on the envelope symbolizes good fortune and joy, while the gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity. They are traditionally handed out during around the time of the Chinese New Year.

Flowers aren’t required in culture, but there are always flowers in my family’s household whenever Chinese New Year is nearby. Flowers represent new life and growth after the long winter, and is another sign of prosperity. The most common flower colors are red, pink, and white, although you may see a few yellow ones too.

My favorite part about my culture has to be the delicious foods. There are many different foods, but the most common ones I’ve tried go from fried rice, to noodles, to scallion pancakes, to dumplings and wontons. And although I’m sure there are plenty more foods to eat, there is one sauce that everybody knows of, and that is the traditional soy sauce.