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I live in a zoo — These are my pets

Dec 22, 2020 3:27 PM

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I have 6 pets living in my house currently. There are more pets than humans, which I find pretty crazy. Ever since I was little, I was always obsessed with animals, and we have always had many in our house. I love how all of them have such a different personalities and how they interact with each other. It gets a little crazy at times, but I can’t picture our house any other way.

This is Steve Juicebox Johnson. Some of his nicknames are Stevey and Chunky. He is definitely the largest of our cats, and we don’t know how he ended up like that. Regardless of his size, we love him to death. He wasn’t our first cat, but he was the first one I can remember. My younger self was so excited to pick his nickname, and I put a lot of thought into it as you can tell. He loves jumping on the couch while we watch movies and headbutting us until we give him attention.

Dee Dee Johnson was our first dog. She was a black and white greyhound, and raced for the first few years of her life until she retired and we adopted her. Unfortunately, we had to put her down four years ago after a sudden leg injury. I can remember the day before we put her down, I was walking her with my mom, and we decided to try taking her off-leash. We had never done it before because she was a race dog and we didn’t want her to run away. That day, she did really well off-leash and I remember being so excited that we would be able to take her off-leash now. I wish she got to be with us longer, but I am glad she had a good life with us. 

This is Gary Johnson. We also like to call him Gar-bo, but I have no idea how we started calling him that. He is definitely the best looking of our cats, and we were drawn to him because he looks like he has a milk mustache. He likes to do his own thing, and doesn’t always like hanging around the other cats. He is also very loud, and will meow nonstop until we wake up and feed him in the morning. 

This is Jackson Mississippi Johnson. Some of his nicknames are Jacky and Derpy. He is very clumsy and trips over things all the time. When we first got him, I let him sleep in my bed with me, and now he refuses to sleep on a dog bed. He likes to get into bed before me and take up all the room, so it is pretty much his bed at this point. He also loves helping us whenever he thinks we need our help. If he catches us lifting something heavy, he will come over and try to help, but he just ends up getting in the way.

This is Charley Johnson. I like to call her Chi-Chi, and my parents call her Charbar. She has the weirdest nicknames of all of our pets, but they just come out of the blue. Charley is our most needy pet. She always wants to cuddle, and if we aren’t petting her at all times, she will pull our hand towards her. Fun fact: she was raised in a prison and lived with inmates who trained her. She also likes whining whenever she can’t play with a dog in the street. Her whine can be compared to a monkey screaming, and it is really bizarre.

This is Cash Money Johnson. He is named after Johnny Cash, but I got to pick the middle name. We also call him Cashy. He likes to balance on people’s legs while they are sitting on the couch. He also loves to knead his claws into our skin regardless of how sharp his nails are. He is our most social cat, and will cuddle with anyone, but he hates being carried. It makes him nervous, and he would rather jump out of our arms onto the floor than be carried.

This is Tony Tango Johnson. I also call him Toners. He is Cash’s brother, and we adopted them at the same time. He is my favorite cat because he loves me and only me. He is so scared of everyone else in the family, but he is pretty comfortable around me. My dad pretends to hate Tony, but I know he loves him. Tony loves to sit in my lap while I do schoolwork, and sometimes he lets me make him do TikTok dances.

I love all of my pets so much, and they all bring so much to our family. Having so many of them has helped me realize that I want to work with animals as a career. They have brought us so much joy during the quarantine, and this pandemic would have been so much harder without them.