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How some social interaction looks during a pandemic

Nov 6, 2020 5:35 PM

Photo Essays

To start, coffee is always a must. Café Bustelo is the number one go-to for us Hispanics. It’s delicious, and a classic. Coffee is a very important drink that starts the day for many Americans. It helps me relax and wakes me up for what’s to come with the stress of online school.

Judging by the leaves in the previous photo, it is clear that it is fall. But when looking at this photo taken on Halloween, it may look like winter. This Halloween was by far the weirdest one I’ve ever experienced. There was a blue moon, snow everywhere, a pandemic in progress and daylight savings the very next day. The stark difference in the weather is very interesting to me.

This photo was also taken on Halloween. When walking outside in my neighborhood, I saw many pumpkins, like this one, carved out. I trick-or-treated, and the sight of candy and pumpkins with few trick-or-treaters was a weird sight to see. I only went trick-or-treating because my neighbors invited me to go with them, but it was fun having the feeling of Halloween that I used to get as a child, although it obviously was different this year.

This is a little toy I got from trick or treating. Mike Wazowski is one of my favorite memes, and I love all the movies from the “Monsters, Inc.” series. I set a photo of Mike Wazowski as my profile picture on Discord. Although this may seem excessive, I think this small toy that I got may remind me of the time I trick-or-treated during a pandemic.

The day after Halloween, I went to the movies with a couple of my friends from school. It’s crazy to see AMC Boston Common empty, but it happened. I took this photo when we arrived, and having the theater to ourselves was a fun surprise. It’s crazy to see a place that is usually packed so empty due to the pandemic.

With any good things come bad things. After arriving home, I was overwhelmed with work from school due the next day. Online school is definitely more stressful, and I think the social interaction from these past two days definitely helped. It had been a while since I had hung out with other people.

I know what you’re thinking, “a fidget spinner in 2020?!” 

Yeah, I still have mine from 2016, and I love using it. I get so bored during online class that this feels like the only way to get through school. My fidget spinner is the only way I can keep myself from using my phone in class and actually pay attention, which is much better in my opinion. The pennies are a thing that I also do when I’m bored. I stack them to pass the time, so overall this photo illustrates what two boredom-killers of mine might look like during class.