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How I take my Instagram photos

Mar 16, 2021 4:18 PM

Photo Essays

The first thing I would usually do would be makeup. Sometimes I wouldn’t use it, mostly because the outfit doesn’t need it or I’m just being lazy. Depending on what makeup you choose to use, the vibe of the picture will be different.

Next, I would get dressed before taking the picture. I like to think that the outfit shapes the photo. Whatever outfit you put on will catch the eyes of a person before anything else. I like picking outfits that express how I feel at that exact time. This outfit makes me feel like a girl boss. #girlbossenergy

I would then set up my camera, in this case my phone (I call her Polly). While setting up my phone I would pick the app I’m using to take the pictures. I usually use Snapchat, more often than not, because it first doesn’t invert me, and second, it just makes me look good (with or without a filter).

Now here’s the fun part: POSES! I usually use my surroundings as things to pose with, such as my desk. I also used my lamp as extra light in the back. A lot of my favorite pictures have been ones where I wasn’t standing like a brick wall. In this specific picture, I had to set a timer and ran to my desk and posed. It was definitely a workout!

Yes, some poses turn out amazing, but not all of them. That’s for sure. These are what I call the “unposted." Personally I think these are the most crucial because it lets me get loose, and have fun. Normally I wouldn’t post these, but they are always cool to look back on.

There are some pictures that are good that I still don’t post, but it’s all about preference. And what you like, and don’t like to look like in pictures. Personally I do really like mirror pictures, but I wouldn’t post it because they’re more of a “I’ll look at them later” kind of photo.

Different expressions will change the mood of the picture. Depending on what I’m going for, I will smile, or put on my serious face (which is harder than you think if you knew me).

This photo has been edited, and that would be the next step. This photo specifically is edited to be a bit blurry. For the effect that this photo is when someone is feeling down or confused or whatever the mind takes the eyes of the looker, I guess.

The last thing I would do is create an order where all the photos I want are connected in some way with each other. And I usually end it with a weird/embarrassing photo or video of me. This is so people can have a little awkward piece of me when they see my posts. I would caption it something dumb, and post it. There it goes.