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Head in the clouds

Aug 27, 2021 1:43 PM

Photo Essays

Looking up at the sky or environment tends to soothe my brain and helps me relax. A lot of people I know state that looking up at the clouds helps them relieve stress. It is also said by many others gazing at these elements may help provide clarity and put a person in a better mental state.

Staring off into the ocean, hearing the waves has got to be the most relaxing feeling. You also get to see more of the scene. In this shot here, you see the boats and sky which adds to the feeling of being relaxed, whether you're shutting your eyes or staring off into the distance. I have also always been someone who likes the sea, and I guess that adds to why I enjoy being near it.

This shot isn't focused specifically on the sky, but it still comes out alluring because of the different components. The leaves add a sense of detail, and it really shapes up the mood. It's important to pay attention to these many different components in the environment because it's what makes up the landscape. 

It's summer, and most of the clouds during this time are more light-colored and seem to be fuller and softer. Clouds during the summertime provide a sense of clarity and purity, and they allow a person to relax more given the compatibility of the weather and the clouds’ appearances.

When looking at this shot, It reminds me a lot of quarantine and the feeling of a barricade. I've always been more of an indoor person, so I wasn't too concerned about being stuck inside when hearing of quarantine. This was also a period where I got the chance to work on myself.

A vibrant shot and clear day. As a kid, I would look at the clouds in the sky and call out the shapes whether I was with friends or family members. I'm sure many others did the same. Even now I compare the clouds to shapes. The only difference is that now I keep those thoughts to myself.

It's approaching evening, and something that many still do is watch the sunset. In my case, I wasn't able to see the sun itself. But, I still get to see the sky changing color. Watching the sunset has always been a perfect way for me to clear my mind and loosen up.

In contrast to the earlier photos, the clouds aren't there anymore and it is now a blank sky. I like gazing at stars, but when there aren't any I look at the environment. At that point, it's just taking in the details around you but it's still a fine way to kick back and relax.

If you ever feel the need to relax or relieve tension and stress, try looking at your environment or sky. It's worked for me many times over. Even if I’m already relaxed and don't have a lot on my plate, it's still nice to look up at the clouds or the scenery sometimes.