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Day in the life of an in-person high schooler during COVID-19

May 20, 2021 3:04 PM

Photo Essays

As vaccines are now being approved for teens all over the United States and COVID rates are slowing down, take a look at how high school is going to look like for at least the next few months of the school year.

This photo is what the cafeteria looks like in the morning and at lunch. This is where students who board at my school come to get breakfast and lunch every day, along with day students. As you can see, there are only two students per table and a lot of posters saying “social distance” and “wear your mask.”

This photo is of my first class on A days. It is a music technology class, which would usually have 12 students plus a teacher. Because of COVID, there are only six students. We have hand sanitizer at the door and we wipe down everything at the end of class.

This is my second class on A days. It is my Spanish class, and again we have a smaller class. This class usually has 15 people, but as of now there are only five students plus the teacher because this classroom is smaller than others. Again, we have hand sanitizer and wipes by the doors.

This is my advisory and study hall period. It's every day and the class is full with 12 kids, but windows are always open to keep fresh air circulating. Most people go to get help from teachers or go to clubs during this time, so the room is almost never full.

This is the library that is open all school day long. Because of social distancing, different grades have different advisory and lunchtimes. During these times students sometimes come up and study for tests they are having, helping each other out with homework or just getting a book and hanging out until their next class.

Sometimes we have concerts outside during lunch or after school where students that are music majors come and give performances. This is a photo of the rock band concert instruments that happened recently to end the school year. Students who are planning on being musicians or going to college for music usually perform. We have them outside to make sure everyone that wants to come and watch these performances are safe and socially distant.

We had our annual fashion show to end the day for everyone in the fashion program at my school. Everyone made their own clothes or had someone else model their clothes. At the end of the day, you walk down a runway in front of everyone who wants to see the show and show off what you made.

School will most likely be the same as it was in 2019, just with more safety precautions and lots of hand sanitizer to go along with it. Now that everyone above the age of 12 can get their COVID shot, who knows, we may be able to have a “normal” ‘21-’22 school year.