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Bunnies are not easy pets

Mar 15, 2021 5:07 PM

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Who knew bunnies can have bananas and actually really enjoy them? Bananas are a great treat for bunnies! They are very sugary so they should be fed in moderation, but every once in a while it’s fine, as long as they don’t get a hold of the whole banana! Floppy is having a banana smoothie in the photo. He adores his bananas and will fight me any day for a banana!

Where should bunnies live, and what else should they eat?

Most people will think of adorable little creatures that belong in cages with carrots and lettuce. I was one of those people. But the truth is bunnies are very social animals that do not belong in cages! They can have carrots and veggies, but that is not what most of their diet consists of. They also need a lot more for a healthy and happy life! In this photo Floppy the holland lop (his bunny breed) is having a variety of fruits and veggies.

Do bunnies need to see the vet?

I didn’t realize how delicate these little ones are. They need to see the vet for checkups every 6 months and more if they get sick. It is also extremely hard to determine whether these little creatures are sick since they are prey animals and hide that they are sick. In the photo, Floppy was at the vet in this picture but instead of being scared like most bunnies he was trying to jump off the stand so he had to be put in a box since he is so naughty.

Who knew bunnies had this side?

I didn’t realize how most bunnies traits can be portrayed once they are used to you. He is sleeping on his bed in the photo! He absolutely adores it and would roll back and forth on it. As you get their trust these little creatures will also kiss you and circle around you to show its affection, which is one the most rewarding things as a bun owner!

Bunnies and blankets

The truth is bunnies can also be very cuddly just like other furry pets. Floppy loves being comfy! He adores his blankets and human servants (my family and I). From pets to kisses to cuddling—he wants it all! When you stop petting him, he would look for you and he will find you. But don’t get me wrong, it's so cute to look at and he may even kiss (or groom) you sometimes.

Other treats

Besides bananas and maybe his bed, treats are Floppy's favorite thing in the world. This treat is hay-based so it’s a lot healthier! He has some great table manners don’t you think? He doesn’t like eating off tables but that is what he will do for treats. He will also do tricks for them which is one of my favorite things to watch.

What else do bunnies need to thrive?

That must be it—bunnies only need a variety of veggies and fruit right? Well unfortunately not! They also need good quality hay and good quality pellets! Seventy percent of their diet consists of hay. These little creatures have an extremely sensitive gastrointestinal tract and need to always be eating. If they don’t eat enough hay, they can go into stasis, which is life-threatening for these little creatures. In the photo Floppy is eating some of his favorite treats.

In the end, we can all agree owning a bunny is not easy, but it is so rewarding. When I saw how happy and comfy he was free roaming. it made it all worth it! From the mess he would make, to the fur he would leave in the room, and so much more! But who can blame this little bunny—I couldn’t.