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Bread time with family

Nov 9, 2020 5:15 PM

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Last weekend, I decided I wanted to make bread. With a father that has such an avid bread making interest, you would expect I was already making one loaf per day. Contrary to what I just said, this was my first time EVER making bread. I had occasionally strolled by my father making (and eating) some. I had wanted to do it for a while but I never did. But one Saturday night, I decided that I wanted to help him do so. Enjoy!

This was the first step of our grand adventure in making bread. We started it off with some basic ingredients like yeast, water, and salt. At this point, it looked like some infectious and deadly liquid. It was interesting to think about how the yeast would grow so much over the course of just a night.

This step didn’t really have any new materials, because the only thing we did was add flour, but it turned out completely different from the first step. The flour gave it a thick and stubborn consistency, so it looked like a child of the marshmallow man in "Ghostbusters." While mixing, my dad and I were talking about how the bread would look, and more importantly, whether or not it would have a worthy taste. It was tedious, but we finished with it and went to sleep so that the bread could grow.

After a long night’s sleep, we came to try and finish the bread. At this point in time, it was being floured to become a non sticky blob of dough. The end was nigh. This was how the bread looked, minutes before being trapped and eventually flayed alive.

After waking up and flouring the bread, my dad and I constricted it into a standard loaf shape. We were bonding and having a lot of fun making bread. I could tell I would enjoy eating the bread. Unfortunately, the bread would not.

This was the bread as it was being heated intensely. The bread we were making, ciabatta, is one of the only breads that is required to have water under the pan. This makes the bread have the soft and bloated consistency it normally has. While this was happening, I talked with my dad a bit, but then I went and did something else, because waiting for bread is not fun at all.

This was the finished product. The end of the road. We had successfully flayed a loaf of bread alive! This was my first bread loaf that I had made, ever. I hope soon I will be able to make great breads by myself. Although it looks good, there was one fatal flaw. That flaw was that we didn’t heat it well enough. It was soft, but later that night after being out too long, it was way too hard. We couldn’t eat it so we threw it away. R.I.P. Bread.

This was another loaf we made a while ago. I like taking photos of the bread, so whenever my dad made some, I would snap a picture. This was mostly used for bragging. In terms of flavor, this bread was alright. It was a bit too crusty, but still very flavorful.

This loaf was made in my older half-sister’s house in the Catskills. This one was very fluffy and tasty. We all loved eating it, even my stubborn nephew ate it (he normally drops food everywhere, but he didn’t drop the bread).

These were two DELICIOUS loaves. The one on the right wasn’t the best, but it was good. The left one was my dad’s first successful ciabatta. It was perfect. Not too fluffy but nice and soft. It had an amazing flavor, too, and it made a great sandwich with that bread.

In conclusion, we had a blast. It was my first time in the incredible field of bread-making. I originally thought making bread would be like watching paint dry. Turns out it was fun! I actually do this a lot, where I don’t want to try new things, because I fear the outcome. I recommend that you try something new, because it could help you a lot. I am walking away from this knowing how to make bread, maybe you can learn something too!