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Learn a new winter comfort food with 'arroz doce'

Dec 23, 2020 1:08 PM

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Got bored with rice because it stays the same? Why not try the opposite of salt? Why not try something ... sweet!? 

Disclaimer: I am no chef nor baker, I just simply have a love for rice. 

Today I will teach you something sweet, warm, and fast. Tell me, have you ever heard of arroz doce, also known as sweet rice? 

I’ve been eating arroz doce all my life; it’s like a safe haven. When you have nothing to eat but have rice and sugar in your drawer, arroz doce is there to save the day. When your stomach is weak but you're not feeling hungry or feel like you need to puke, arroz doce will make you forget all about it, and hopefully, make your stomach stronger. Everyone’s stomachs are different so ... that explains why I said hopefully. Anyways, I felt like a lot of people out there didn’t know that rice isn’t just meant to be savory, but it could be sweet as well. I wish more and more people would learn about this treat and one day, look favorably upon sweet rice. No, it’s not weird. It tastes great! You just haven’t heard of it before. 

This will only come out well if used with milk. If you avoid dairy you could try only water, but I can guarantee the outcome won’t be the same. Hmm ... maybe skim milk??

Ingredients: rice, water, milk, sugar, shredded coconut and what we call cravo (if wanted.) I don’t like eating it but if I were you, I’d add it cause it adds a bit of boost to the flavor. Also, sorry, I don’t know what “cravo” is in English … mixed kid problems. It might be cloves though — they smell the same.

It's not needed, but my mother and I also like to add nutmeg, ground allspice and caraway seeds. You're probably all like, ”...caraway seeds?” Yeah, I know, but trust me, when you experiment with spices it could either go really bad or really good.

You can also choose to substitute sugar with leite condensado, condensed milk, or add both if you’d like. But try not to add too much otherwise it’ll be too sweet and you won’t be able to finish unless you have a huge sweet tooth.

First, I wash my rice. If you don’t wash your rice … sorry, but what is wrong with you? Then, I remove the dirty water and put new water in with the rice. Now, I don’t really do measurements. like I said, I’m not professional — I like to eyeball things. This time, I put in the amount of rice I wanted and added more water because I had tons of rice. We’re using the stove here, so make sure you have a pan.

I usually like to boil the rice at low to medium heat depending on whether or not the water or milk would rise too much. I started off with boiling my rice with water and the amount of sugar I wanted while stirring a few times. I waited for the rice to properly cook. The one I made here was thicker, but if you want it to be more liquidy just add more milk or water.

Then I added milk, eyeballing once again. I put in some shredded coconut and all the spices with condensed milk, I mixed it all up, and voilá.

Add a little cinnamon on top if you’d like and you're done. Also, I’m sorry I didn’t have the photo of all of the ingredients. I was a little underprepared today, but arroz doce is still arroz doce as long as you have rice, milk and sugar. And I know I’m not the best at explaining things, but if you want a more detailed explanation, I recommend looking on YouTube.

When you look at the outcome, you may think “Hey … this looks familiar.” My guess is that you're probably thinking about Korean porridge. It has salt, veggies, and no milk, just water. It’s popular to eat when you’re feeling sick. So now when you think of arroz doce. remember that it's the exact opposite of Korean porridge. I hope you guys enjoyed and found something new to try.