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A walk through the park

Nov 12, 2020 5:24 PM

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The year 2020 is one of the hardest, with the coronavirus spreading like wildfire. During COVID-19, I rarely go out for walks, I have missed the fresh air and the beautiful nature. I have missed seeing the adorable animals that live there. I missed the quiet and peaceful evening walks, but here I am at Boston Public Garden again.

It was just as I remembered from the last time I came to the Boston Public Garden, not too long ago. The gate is so beautifully detailed, in the top center there is an old yet captivating sign that always catches my eyes. After Friday’s snowstorm, the gate and trees are covers with a layer of snow, making the park look like somewhat of a winter wonderland.

Over the bridge looking into the calming water, you can see a small island in the pond’s center where ducks and swans live. It looks like a miniature jungle, with trees ranging from green to red and even one that looks somewhat blackish-purple. Under the shade of the vine-like tree, on the one in a lifetime occasion, you can spot duck eggs being cared for in the safety of their miniature island.

Down here at the pond is the most beautiful scene— a little city with the calming country all in one. Most summer days, I would come here and have picnics with friends and family. We would often see ducks swimming by for food. I find it cute yet funny how the flightless birds would race to be the first one to be fed. On some rare occasions, we might even see the snow-white feathered swans swim by so elegantly.

Autumn is easily my favorite season because there are so many beautiful colors you can see. The gorgeous colors range from yellow to orange, red, and many more— they are so beautiful and mesmerizing. The air is cool but not too cold. It is sad to see the beautiful flowers go, but it also means a new birth of spring is coming in the near future.

The statues stand so tall with a shiny metallic coat, with the carved readings, telling a story from the past. Whenever I pass by I would wonder what happened to them? I have always had an odd interest in the past, having so many questions but never an answer.

I love to take walks with my parents because we all have our own things keeping us busy. It is nice to talk and see how each of us is doing. On our evening walks, I would bring my homemade peanut butter cookies to feed the squirrels. My mom always found them a bit scary but I find them really cute, with their beautiful fur and fluffy tails I wish I could take them home but they are not meant to be pets. As we leave the park huge flocks of birds take off while people walk by.

It feels good to be in the Boston Public Garden again. It feels like it used to before, but there is something different for sure. There are a lot fewer people than I remember, but at the same time, it is a lot more peaceful and calming. If anything this is the perfect place to come for inspiration, to be in nature, or just to relax and be free of the stress of everyday life.