Would you consider Mousse desserts during Covid-19?

February 15, 2021 10:26 AM

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Chocolate mousse on a cake stand. Photo courtesy of Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash.

Chocolate mousse on a cake stand. Photo courtesy of Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash.

If you're looking for something new, or if you just have nothing to do, try following some mousse-making recipes. I’m sure you have time with COVID-19 going on right now.

I want to talk about different types of mousse desserts. There are many varieties, including passionfruit, lime, chocolate and many more.

My family has made many mousse desserts in my life growing up. I’m pretty sure I can speak for all Brasilians out there — when we think about mousse desserts, the first flavor that comes to mind is passionfruit. For me, passionfruit-flavored mousses were AND still are the ‘OG’ (original). Passionfruit mousse desserts, otherwise known as mousse de maracujá, in Português, are very iconic in Brasil. 

Mousse desserts can be very easy to make. You can also get creative with them. 

They are great desserts considering how soft and tasty they can be. 

From my personal experience, I feel like chocolate mousse is slightly bitter but still good enough to eat. Passionfruit is very vivid, so it tends to leave a tangy-yet-sweet type of flavor on the tongue. While lime is also just exquisite, and I don’t love lime-flavored desserts — I’ll tell ya that! People may disagree. I mean — not all of us have the same taste or taste buds. But for newcomers, it’s worth trying. People also tend to make mousse recipes quite differently. You could end up making a chocolate mousse that's bitter or that's sweet, or maybe even in between — it’s up to you!  

For teens who love soft desserts and differentiate between styles and flavors, mousse is for you. It’s not complicated, and it’s fun. You could even share some recipes with your friends and impress them with your AWESOME mousse-making skills. Also, mousse makes great for a quick house party treat of delight!  

Not only do mousse desserts make my taste buds just burst with joy, but they also bring me nostalgia. It reminds me of when I would watch my cousins and aunts make them back in Brasil. The laughter we shared, the teachings, the overall bittersweetness. I could only visit them once a year. This year, unfortunately, I had to skip traveling due to COVID-19. In a way, I guess mousse desserts just really connect me with them.

1. Mascarpone pumpkin mousse cups

“This easy pumpkin dessert is made by layering crunchy amaretti cookies, homemade mascarpone pumpkin mousse, and whipped cream. Tastes like fall in a glass!” — Heidi, creator for “FoodieCrush.”

Feeling like you need a little spice in your life? This link will take you over to Heidi’s page. She talks about her personal story and how she ended up getting this Mousse recipe from “Extra Virgin,” another food site. She later includes the ingredients and how to make them. Along with some questions she’s answered, she also provides a few tips and other foods to check out! Wondering about nutrition facts? No problem! Just keep scrolling down and soon you’ll find them. 

2. Mint Chip cheesecake mousse

“Mint Chip Cheesecake Mousse is a perfectly melt-in-your-mouth fluffy, deliciously minty, cheesecake flavored mousse! A recipe that’s sure to impress and a dessert you want to make whenever a special occasion rolls around.”- Jaclyn, creator of “Cooking Classy.”

This mousse is for all of you mint chip and cheesecake lovers out there! Jacyln, the creator of “Cooking Classy,” a food blog that showcases food all tested and approved by Jacyln herself, shares her mint chip cheesecake mousse recipe; a mixture of two of her favorite foods. She also includes ingredients, instructions, additional notes and nutrition facts at the bottom.  

3. Champagne mousse with chambord

 “This Champagne Mousse is delicious, light and is flavored with Chambord as well as champagne. It’s a perfect no bake dessert recipe for New Year’s Eve!” — Lindsay, creator of “Life, Love, and Sugar.”

Alright! This one is for the adults — teens, you're not there yet. Although, you could make this for your parent’s birthday as a surprise. This mousse is no-bake, It’s perfect for the holidays! Lindsay offers ingredients, instructions and nutrition facts to help guide you. 

4. Chocolate chip cookie mousse bomb 

“Chocolate Chip Cookie Mousse Bombs are the ultimate chocolate dessert recipe! If you consider yourself a chocolate lover, you have to try this mini mousse! Treat yourself to the best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever tasted.” - Shelly, creator of “Cookies & Cups.” 

This recipe is given to us by a self-proclaimed sugar addict named Shelly, who created the Cookies & Cups site. She is quite humorous, and her treats are insanely easy to make. Once again guys — it’s no-bake! You’ll be astonished by how fast you’ll be done with your final product. She also has photos for all of you visual learners out there. Don't worry, the ingredients, instructions and additional notes are included. I don’t know about you, but I’m a chocolate chip cookie maniac. I might try this at home myself! Where are all the cookie-lovers at?

5. Strawberry white chocolate mousse cups

“These Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Cups are super easy to make and so delicious! Light mousse with fresh strawberries is the perfect dessert for summer!” – Lindsay, creator of “Life, Love & Sugar.”

Are strawberries your favorite fruit? Once again, another recipe by the good ol’ Lindsay from “Life, Love & Sugar.” This wife and mother shares her delightful strawberry white chocolate mousse cups with you. This mousse is not traditional, however, it is bomb and refreshingly sweet for the summer! She includes ingredients, instructions and nutritional facts. 

6. Meringue encased chocolate mousse s’more cakes 

“You know, I thought these would have been a lot harder than they really were.” — Tieghan, creator of “Half Baked Harvest.” 

Are you a chocolate lover? Well, Teighan is. Tieghan’s recipes are all inspired by the people and places she adores the most. Tieghan, being the chocolate lover she is, found a way to incorporate her chocolate in a classic meringue dessert. She includes ingredients, instructions and recipe notes. 

Guys! These recipes are legitimately AMAZING! Easy? Check! Fast? OHH YEAH!

Will you gain lots of calories? That is a given my friend. But is it worth it? I’d say so.

Why not? Impress your friends, have something to make last minute for a party, enjoy a delightful treat that could make your crappy day feel … not so crappy anymore. 

Not to mention, you won’t be bored. 

I encourage you all to share and check out these recipes with others. And hopefully, you can start to make connections with them, just as much as I've been. Next thing you know, you’ll start to have nostalgia just as much as me every time you take a bite of that mousse of yours. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new.

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