Top 4 things to do in quarantine

February 24, 2021 1:33 PM

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Photo of a sunrise with a purple and pink sky, courtesy of author Mabel Chen.

Photo of a sunrise with a purple and pink sky, courtesy of author Mabel Chen.

The year 2020 hasn’t been very lovely. We’ve lost a lot of lives, hope, and  jobs. We’ve gone into quarantining ourselves at home for the safety of ourselves & everyone else around us. Yet we can’t seem to find anything to do, so here are four  things to do during the quarantine.

1. Sleeping

We all love sleeping & we do it all the time, however, studies have shown that typically, teenagers on a normal school night at around 72% do not get the required amount of sleep. Most adults need 7 - 8 hours of sleep while teens need 8 - 10. We all know very well that most if not all of us who are reading DEFINITELY do not get those numbers. Sleep promotes growth, better mental cognition, more positive emotions, boosts  the immune system, and  even helps burn some calories.

2. Exercising

It’s hard enough being cooped up inside. However, we should always find some time to exercise. Exercising promotes a stronger body by strengthening bones and  muscles to increase health. It keeps your thinking, learning and  judgment skills. Overall a positivity for the mind and  body. This is why you should incorporate even a bit of exercise while being in quarantine.

3. Reading

Finding a good book can get you lost for hours. Studies have shown that just a bit of reading can reduce stress, aids sleep, builds your vocabulary, strengthens the brain and  more. Giving you a big boost mentally and  physically. Taking time away from electronics or reading a school book that you weren’t forced to read.

4. Drawing

Many say that they can’t draw. Well, on the contrary to that, anyone can draw. Anything is interpreted as art. Drawing increases self-confidence as you continue drawing, building your own style. It can also drive you to strive for something new, a project to work on, constantly changing, never-ending and  always something to improve. It’s also considered very relaxing as it’s a space away from reality.

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