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August 17, 2021 3:13 PM

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An inspirational drawing about the author's journey and personal growth, created by the author.

An inspirational drawing about the author's journey and personal growth, created by the author.

I am the youngest child of my parents. I have older sisters and an older brother. My religion is Islam. I am not from a very big city. Originally, I am from a small village in Bangladesh. The village is really nice. The winding road of the village is where I walked and ran. It’s where I spent my childhood. I miss those friends who were with me at that time. I miss those things. This is where my roots are. I always miss the village where I am from. Now I live in the USA with my parents and one sister. Here, I have a cute niece and nephew. I always spend my leisure time with them. My other siblings still live in my country. My family’s dream is that I will be a doctor one day. I came here from a small village with a big dream to be a successful doctor. 

When I was very little, I had a bicycle accident. Naturally, my doctor gave me a lot of shots for my treatment. I did not cry that time, at that time I said to him “I will be a doctor, and one day, I will be the one giving out shots like you are giving me now.” My doctor replied, “I pray that you will be a doctor and will give me the shots.” At that time, everyone was laughing. I just felt that what he was doing to me was something I could do too. 

My family members think being a doctor is the best profession to help people. They have always wanted me to be a doctor, even before my accident. Even now, my accident is used as an example of how much they want this wish to come true. My sister always reminds me of this memory. “I hope that when you are a doctor you can go back to him and tell him that you kept your word from when you were very young,” my sister said. Because of my family’s dream for me, I wanted to be a doctor up until I was in the 11th grade. However, once I moved here and met all my 11th-grade teachers, something changed. My ELA teacher especially helped me realize that I actually want to be a teacher. I decided this because I love her so much. I thought about how much I love her, and that maybe one day my students will love me that much. She is the definition of a good teacher. She always accepts her students with all her love, caring for them like they are her own kids. She always supports me a lot in my studies, encouraging me in my career goals, giving me information, and taking good care of me. I did not cry for any of my teachers in my whole life but when I finished my 11th grade I gave her a hug and I cried for her and she did too. 

But my family’s dream for me to be a doctor always stays in my mind. When I go to bed to get to sleep, I can’t. I just think about how I can keep my family’s dream and also my happiness. One idea has come to my mind that will make everyone happy: the idea is, if I become a doctor, my family’s dream has come true. After I am a doctor, I can go on to teach medical students. In this way, I can keep my family’s dream and also find my own happiness. 

Finding your own happiness is important because if you can’t find work without your happiness, you can’t be happy. If you are not happy with your work, you will get stressed and it will stand in the way of your success. I also believe it is important to try and make your family happy. Family always makes me happy. Different people have different opinions, but in my opinion, if you have or get a chance to make your family happy, you should do it. As you try to make your family happy, try to find a connection with your own happiness as well. I believe from my experience that if people want anything from their heart, God helps them to get it.   

I never told them that I want to be a teacher because I thought maybe they would suffer for it. My family never pushes me to do anything; they just encourage me to do the right thing. They told me that they just delivered their wish to me, now it’s my choice to decide what I will do in my future. Since they said that was my choice, I was serious about keeping their dream as well as mine. My family is my strength. They always support me. Now, I am trying my best to fulfill both my and their dreams. I believe Allah (God) will help me to do that. For my readers, my request is to please pray for me, so that I can accomplish my dream.

My main message to give to readers is that if you really want to keep your dream you can, and also you can make people happy. All people have their own stories inside of them, which constantly burns their heart. I have it too, and right now, I am so happy that I found a solution to keep both dreams. Try to find your dream and follow it. I have shared a story that I have not told before. I share this story because I think people will be inspired by my story in order to tell their own story. My request is to please describe yourself because it will be a chance for you to see how you can accept yourself.

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