The sorrows of a young high school introvert

June 7, 2021 3:51 PM

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The author's electronics. Photo taken by the author.

The author's electronics. Photo taken by the author.

Play Title: The Sorrows of Young High School Introvert

Character 1: Your normal, everyday high school introvert

Character 2: The high school introvert’s subconsciousness

Act 1, Scene 1


The weekend is the introvert’s favorite time, and especially this one. The wind and rain blow on the windows while he sits comfortably in his gaming chair. He is so focused on the game, he did not even notice that it is 4 pm on a Sunday.

Brain: (Questionably) Heyyyyy……Aren’t we supposed to do that group project that’s due on Tuesday?

Introvert: (Lazily) Nah, it’s fine. We will complete it Monday afternoon.

Brain: (Worriedly) But what if we have lots of homework on Monday?

Introvert: Yeah, and so? Do you want to deal with socializing with our group partners? 

Brain: (Quietly) No… 

Introvert: Then shut up and help me win this game. Come on, we are almost there. 

A few minutes later, the phone rings.

Introvert: (Clearly annoyed) Gosh, we were so close! Now, who is ringing me again? Oh, it’s Kevin. (Picks up the phone) Sup Kevin?

Kevin: Hey man, have you done your part of the project yet?

Introvert: (Nervously) Um… Yeah, I’m getting there. Don’t worry, I have got it.

Kevin: Alright man, I will leave it to you. (Hangs up)

Brain: (Relieved) Now we have to do the project, right?

Introvert: (Excitedly) Another game we go!

Brain: (Sighs) Here we go again… 

Act 1 Scene 2

It’s yet another weekend, the introvert is still minding his own business without a care in the world. Suddenly, his friend calls him on FaceTime.

Introvert: (Loudly) Siri, answer the FaceTime!

Siri: (Calmly) Sorry, do you mean “wash the face time?”

Introvert: (Still focused on gaming) No, I meant answer FaceTime!

Siri: Ok. 

(Siri picks up the call)

Friend: Hey man, you got time this afternoon? Me and the boys are going to have lunch together, you coming?

Brain: (Excitedly) Yes! We haven’t seen each other in months because of the Coronavirus, of course we want to go. 

Introvert: Sorry bud, I think I have tons of homework to do this weekend. I think I need to stay off for the event this time.

Friend: (Suspiciously) You sure man? You have been missing in action for quite some time now. Are you good?

Introvert: Yeah man, sorry, just really busy recently.

Friend: Alright then, I will leave you be.

Brain: (Yelling) What the heck is that?! This is such a prime opportunity to catch up, why did you reject him? We don’t even have that much homework!

Introvert: (Red-faced) I just… don’t feel like it, ok? Plus are you going to be the one who is going to be thinking up all the topics that we are going to be talking about?

Brain: (Again, quiet) I guess not…

Introvert: Then shut! I don’t want to hear it again.

Act 1 Scene 3

It’s a cloudy Friday. The introvert just came back from school, ready to enjoy his precious long weekend because he doesn’t have school on Monday. Suddenly, his parents call him. 

Mom: Hey, come over here for a second.

Introvert: (Unwillingly) Uhhh, sure. What’s the matter? (drops backpack)

Mom: You have been caving in your bedroom for quite a long time now, why don’t you go play with some kids like… How about the neighbor’s kid? He seems pretty nice. I heard he plays the same video game as you. You guys could be great friends!

Brain: (Hesitantly) That kid? Isn’t he kind of weird? I remember him puking in the doorway while smiling, which still haunts me today.

Introvert: Yeah, mom, I think I am fine, I am just really busy recently. Though I do think I saw him going out for groceries with his mom today, so he is probably not home.

Mom: (Disappointed) Oh ok then, tell me whenever you are going out!

Introvert: I will be sure do so!

Brain: (Sighs with relief) Whew… Dodged that bullet.


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