The rules of life

January 11, 2021 4:30 PM

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Image of a person lighting fireworks in the street at night. Photo courtesy of Tyler Donaghy via Unsplash.

Image of a person lighting fireworks in the street at night. Photo courtesy of Tyler Donaghy via Unsplash.

My mother always said that things happen for a reason, and that there is no need to hold on to bad things because they don’t bring anything good. Whenever I came back from work, my mother always greeted me with a smile. She always roused me. Sometimes my sister hit me because I didn’t respect my mother. Once at a birthday party my mother sent me to the house to take care of the animals and I didn’t pay attention, because I was playing soccer with my friends, and my mother got angry with me. She left me outside the house for a few hours.

It was a Christmas where everything was perfect. We celebrate as a family with fireworks, but nobody knew if something serious could happen the next day of Christmas. That day was when my father died in our own town,. Having lost my dad was an experience because it taught me that nothing is forever and that the best we can do is appreciate the people around us. It was a great weight for my mom. My Aunt Virgilia and my sister helped us get the most out of what we had to live with for me and my little brothers. Over time, my sister went to work in the capitol of our country, while I helped my mother at home until I was 15 years old. I went out with my sister to work in the capitol and I was there for two years while my little brothers were in the house. 

I think that what happened is an experience to understand the rules of life. Around me, I always had good people, some bad but not so bad. I had very funny childhood things happen that I don’t regret having lived through, and moments with my sisters, cousins, friends, uncle. Sometimes I didn’t give away the meaning of life because I was just a child. Sometimes I wasn’t aware of what I was doing but we were very happy with how little we had. My mother gave her best for us to see us happy.  

I didn't understand Spanish well when I was a child because in my town people always spoke our language, and until I went to the capitol, that opened my mind to be able to understand or speak Spanish better.

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