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May 20, 2021 12:05 PM

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A plate of brownies. Photo by Arantxa Aniorte via Unsplash.

A plate of brownies. Photo by Arantxa Aniorte via Unsplash.

As a child, I always loved to bake. It was one of the most fun things that I used to do with my family, and it was very enjoyable in the end when I got to eat the stuff that we baked. 

There was something that I never got about baking, though. There is a certain skill that you need to acquire before jumping into something major. If you watch shows like “Nailed It” or “The Great British Baking Show,” I’m guessing you would want to reach their level of expertise.

Getting there takes time, obviously. But if you start with the easy things first and gradually advance, you can probably get to that point of what the bakers are making on those shows. 

In all honesty, you can start off with making the things on the shows, but there is a major room for error and your stuff not coming out as good as you wanted it to be. 

Some good baking recipes based on your level to get started with:

1. Brownies - beginner 

I think we’ve all had brownies at one point in our lives and always enjoy the taste of them. They are pretty easy to make and a good starter to begin your baking journey with.

Brownies can come in many shapes and forms. You can either have golden brownies which are called Blondies and instead of chocolate you substitute it for vanilla. But what we’re focusing on is the classic chocolate brownies that you know and love.

If you go to your local supermarket or corner store you can find either a brownie mix to ease the process of making them or find the right ingredients to make the brownies. It’s up to you on what you decide to grab, but that’s why I classified brownies as beginner.

They're very easy to make and don't take a lot of mind power to connect the dots in order to come up with a final product. Brownies are very tasteful and do well at family functions. So if you want to begin with this, it’s the perfect first step in your chocolate baking journey. 

Brownie recipe

2. Cake - beginner

With cakes you can practically whip this up pretty easy like the brownies. There's not a lot that goes into a regular vanilla or chocolate cake. If you are making either a red velvet or some sort of flavor, it might be a little harder based on how intricate the batter is going to be.

Personally, making cakes are my favorite thing to bake because of the decorations that you can add onto it. You can either make your own frosting or buy some from the supermarket to make your cake look somewhat presentable. I would recommend waiting a couple of minutes after the cake is done and baked fully because the frosting might melt through. 

Cakes can be very pretty and nice to look at if you do it correctly. I recommend getting some good frosting utensils if you want to have a nice cake.

You don’t necessarily have to frost the cake; really, it's up to you. But putting that one more step into making the perfect cake adds to the baking experience overall. You can decorate it however you want and make it so cool and interesting that if you get to a good point on your cake decorating skills, you could probably end up on a show!

Vanilla cake recipe 

3. Biscuits - intermediate 

These can be a little bit more trickier than cakes and brownies. With biscuits you have to make sure every measurement is correct, especially if you’re making it from scratch. There are some pre-packaged biscuits that you can buy, but what’s the point of that if you want to get the full baking experience.

Biscuits can be made in many different ways. You can either add yeast to the mix or just have it without yeast. Both ways are fine, but I like to make mine without yeast because it tastes a little better.

The end product can either be super surprising or very disappointing. That’s why you have to pay close attention to the biscuits and get the recipe correct in order to make what you planned for.

In my opinion, when biscuits turn out well and actually taste good, there is a lot more that you can do with them than just eat it with butter. You can add jam onto it, or serve it plain, but it's the perfect midnight snack, or great to fulfill the breakfast that you’re longing for when you wake up.

Biscuits recipe 

4. Tartes - advanced 

Getting to this level of glazing fruits and making the right crust for the tarte takes time. You might think that it’s a very easy thing to master, but it does take a lot of effort in order to get it correct.

With tartes they can either end up being very enjoyable like the biscuits or completely fall apart. Even though they are lovely to eat, and can be very tasty, it's hard to master something so advanced.

I would say that if you want to challenge yourself, tartes are the way to go. They’re very intricate and that’s why I put them in the advanced level of baking things. Tartes contain a lot of steps that do need to be precisely followed in order to come out correctly. If they don’t, then it’ll be quite hard to eat them and have a good time enjoying the food.

Lemon raspberry tart recipe 

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