Six extremely underrated rare aesthetics

February 15, 2021 10:26 AM

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Högakustenbron bridge in the pink and the clouds. Photo courtesy of Anders Jildén on Unsplash.

Högakustenbron bridge in the pink and the clouds. Photo courtesy of Anders Jildén on Unsplash.

Everyone has heard of the “baddie” and “soft girl” aesthetics. You know, any female mainstream artist or celebrity is considered a baddie. Soft girls are all over your Instagram explore page. E-girls are ruining everyone's lives in the best way possible, but what about Cartooncore or Gorecore? Foodies? Bubble goths? There are so many amazing aesthetics out there for us to explore. Grab a snack, get something to write with and let's begin!

1. Cartooncore 

Cartooncore is just what it sounds like, an aesthetic that is based solely on western animation (animations in America or Canada). It allows people to express their love and adoration for the very shows that they have loved to watch. People who have a Cartooncore aesthetic most likely wear outfits inspired by their favorite animated characters. They also might use cute cartoon character photo “edits” as their profile or contact pictures (i.e. “Power Puff Girls,” “Bratz,” “Amazing World of Gumball,” and etc.).

2. Bubble Goth

Created by Kerli Kõiv, a Bubble Goth is someone who often combines things that are polar opposites of each other to create a unique look. Basically, one would combine something lighter (i.e. bright colors, more ‘soft’ aesthetic type things) with something darker (i.e. gothic style, dark colors, grungy style) to create a mismatched style that catches people's attention. The idea of creating iconic looks by using different aspects of aesthetics that are the complete opposite of each other is beautiful! 

3. Afrofuturism

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined science-fiction with fantasy and a hint of history while exploring Black culture? You’d get Afrofuturism — a beautiful, technology-filled experience that adds on to the beauty of all things melanin. A great example of this aesthetic is the “Black Panther” movie, where we learn about a beautiful place called “Wakanda,” where everyone has beautiful brown skin, ranging from light brown to beautiful, deep brown. They have access to very advanced technology, futuristic vehicles, and the most beautiful attire. Afrofuturism truly deserves more credit. 

4. Foodie

A foodie can be thought of as a connoisseur or gourmand. Essentially, they’re a person who has a superior sense of taste in food and drink. They’ve tried a lot of different foods and restaurants, they know many different ways dishes can be prepared, and their life’s work includes finding good food. The flavors, the seasoning, the temperature, whether it’s more savory or sweet. Foodies are often the best people to go to when you are thinking about trying something new. They can and will often point you in the right direction for some good eats. 

5. Gorecore

Gorecore, my personal favorite, is all about … well, GORE! Blood, guts, dismemberment, death, most horror movies. If you’re a fan of the horror or thriller genres like myself, you’re probably a fan of Gorecore. A great example of Gorecore is “Happy Tree Friends,” an animated series on YouTube centered around adorable animals being brutally harmed or killed. It’s a bit much for me, but I’d highly recommend it to any gore fanatics out there. Another thing you can watch to understand Gorecore a bit better is the “Saw” movie series. 

6. New Age

This aesthetic is like the artsy aesthetic’s older sister, created for the sole purpose of being a new and inspiring art style. New Age is often associated with things of a more relaxing nature such as yoga, meditation, reading and writing or massages. It puts you at ease, while also allowing you to express yourself in a calm manner. Though this aesthetic is aimed more at your feelings or inner thoughts, it still deserves more credit for things like “Self-care Days” because self-care is about taking the time out of your busy life to just relax. 

Although there are plenty of underrated aesthetics and styles in the world, these are some of my personal favorites. I hope you all enjoyed reading and learned something new! Feel free to do some research of your own on “rare aesthetics,” and maybe make your own listicle or video for fun. Take care, everyone!

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