Exams seem to never go away

September 10, 2020 2:12 PM

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A plate of fried chicken. Photo courtesy of Sally Phan.

A plate of fried chicken. Photo courtesy of Sally Phan.


Last week, my aunt bought fried chicken to celebrate her birthday. We got it at Bonchon, which is my favorite fried chicken place. I love Bonchon and if it weren’t for coronavirus, I would’ve been so many times. I’m always planning ahead. I was planning on going to Bonchon with either my friends or family sometime over spring break, for my birthday, and when school ended. Bonchon chicken makes me so happy because it’s always crispy and good, the sauce ties everything together too. Everything about Bonchon chicken just sounds so perfect to me. 

My parents got me Bonchon after I took my first SAT. Ideally, we would get Bonchon after every SAT test, but I don’t even know what’s going on with the SAT and school anymore. I really don’t like the SAT but I signed up to take two more my senior year before college applications are due. I used to study so much for it but now so many colleges are test optional and I don’t even want to try it anymore. I think there are some things I miss about school but some things I obviously don’t miss. No one misses waking up early. Although, I think one bright side to waking up early is seeing the sunrise while riding the bus. I miss things like walking to class with friends and making jokes with my table partner in physics. All this school stuff was just a few months ago, so why does it feel like a lifetime ago?


I’m so happy right now because I just checked my AP scores and I didn’t fail! I thought I would’ve gotten a 1 on AP Stats because I struggled with the class the entire year and I didn’t know what was going on when doing the exam, but I ended up getting a 3! I did good on my other AP too. It is good to know that I passed because now I can stop thinking about it and I can move on. 

I’m going to Watertown later because I will be getting my permit soon. I’m going to the RMV testing center in Watertown to get registered. I wish I had my license because most people have theirs at this age but driving scares me and I never got around to studying for the permit until this year. When corona happened, I couldn’t get it since the main focus was to stay home. Now that things are opening back up, I will go to the RMV center. I don’t really like the idea of driving because it sounds scary considering how many accidents occur. I think my main fear is forgetting one of the road rules and not knowing which way to turn or what I’m supposed to do. Besides all the fears, I think that driving is really exciting. I want to blast music in the car and drive with my friends. I think driving is cool because in a lot of movies, the teenagers are driving cars, they roll the windows down and there’s the sun setting in the back. Hopefully, that will be me in the near future. I just have to get my permit first and practice like crazy before getting my license. 


I’ve been growing a plant for my AP Biology summer homework. I started growing it a week ago but it wasn’t sprouting at all. I put it by the window, I would move it outside when it was really sunny, and I watered it every day but I didn’t know why it wouldn’t start sprouting. I thought about whether it was because of the sun, since many days are cloudy or rainy. I thought about whether it was because I gave it too little water or too much water. I also thought about whether it was because I planted the seeds too deep and the water and sunlight weren’t reaching it.

Yesterday evening, when I was taking the plant in from outside, there was one small sprout. At that moment, I felt really happy. It's a plant I’m growing for a summer assignment, so why should I be so worried? It is only mid July after all. Seeing the first sprout made me really happy because I was worried about it for so long. I kept thinking about what I was doing wrong. This morning, when I checked on it, I saw two more sprouts. I think the main thing I take away from all of this is that it takes time to grow. Even with all the sunlight and water, it still takes a while. Even though it took a while just to see some small sprouts, I’m still really happy. Any progress is still progress.

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