Q&A: Mother and daughter

June 29, 2021 2:57 PM

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Photo of the interview subject, the author's mother, smiling in a green dress. Photo taken by the author.

Photo of the interview subject, the author's mother, smiling in a green dress. Photo taken by the author.

Throughout my lifetime, I have met many strong individuals who have made an impact on my life. On top of that list is my mother. She has always inspired me and taught me how to be a good person through her actions and speech. 

What do you believe makes your position in society most challenging, i.e race or gender? 

My race. Not because I am this rather than that, but because my appearance fits the profile of two of the most hated ethnic groups — African and Middle Eastern. 

What do you regret most about how you raised me? 

That I put a lot on your plate at a young age. I couldn’t save as much money for you for college so now we need to take loans out and that is not fair. I wish I made better decisions. 

Do you feel like you know me? 

Yes! You’re very introverted and like to stay home. I’m confident there is nothing you are, or even can, hide from me. 

What do you know about journalism? 

You interview people and write things down, then make an article. 

Right now a war is going on in our home region in Ethiopia; lots of people have died, been tortured, were raped. Do you believe journalism can help with this? 

Yes, anything can help. Putting the word out there can help fix the issue. 

On a scale of 1-10, how passionate and emotionally involved are you with this crisis? 

Very. This has been such a horrifying crisis and I hope to God it ends soon. 

So you (do not) like journalism as a career? 

I think it’s risky for you. Not a lot of journalists are successful and can manage a living. You are living in Los Angeles so especially for that reason I am scared for you. 

Do you believe I will do well or fail in the future with my career aspirations? 

If you work hard, I think you will do fine. I believe in you. 

How do you feel about me studying in California?

It is so far from home. You need to call or at least text me everyday because I will lose my mind. 

Where do you hope to see me in ten years? 

Stable career but not very good salary, husband or at least fiancé, and living in Los Angeles. 

Where do you hope to see Tigray in ten years? 

More peaceful. I hope Abiy Ahmed learns to leave people who want nothing with him alone. 

Where do you hope to see yourself in ten years? 

Living in a house in some other state with my husband. And preparing your wedding. 

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