Love is like Legos

March 30, 2021 1:46 PM

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A firework in a dark sky. Photo taken by the author.

A firework in a dark sky. Photo taken by the author.

Grasping onto imaginary strings that I thought were still there. Memories dug multiple scars deep in my scalp; it is the definition of ever-after. Questioning what went wrong: was it me? Did I do something wrong? Tiny shards of glass littered the bathroom floor. The mascara dripped down my face that made me look like a member of a metal death band. 

I clasp onto the locket that he said would intertwine us forever; he said that we were soulmates. That’s such a joke. It was nothing but a lie. 

Dating is an experience — a series of trials that can lie on an endless line. I had never felt so alone, until he came along. He was everything I never knew I needed. He wasn’t specifically made for me, but we stumbled upon each other; clicked like lego pieces. After all, many lego pieces can fit together, right?

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Blurred purple photo. Photo taken by the author.


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