Life is very annoying

March 25, 2021 5:25 PM

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Photo of a dog laying down with a mopey face. Image courtesy of @congerdesign via Pixabay.

Photo of a dog laying down with a mopey face. Image courtesy of @congerdesign via Pixabay.

Diary Entry 1

Man, I am bored.

Having school with no one to talk to is honestly the worst thing the school can ever have. How could people live through this?! I mean even prisoners have their own roommate, though maybe not so friendly, but still, it's someone that I can at least look at or talk to. Zoom? I am sorry, but you cannot fulfill the utmost fiery desire that I currently have, that is, to have a proper conversation with others in school, except when the teacher asks me a question. Sometimes I even want to answer the questions just so I can do something other than staring into the abyss of my screen! 

Some people say: “Doesn’t that mean that you just have no friends?” Shut up, extroverts, of course I have friends. But guess what? There is this thing called homework which we as students desperately try to avoid during the class day, and it ain’t fun. Night and day we students fought against one common enemy, and no it’s not only homework but along their powerful ally called procrastination. We lost many brethren during the battle, and many more continue to fight with a cup of coffee in their hand. Finally, under the starry sky, as the clock on the wall rings 12 times, I have finished my homework. The battle has ended.

Diary Entry 2 

Health class was possibly the most boring class ever. Sure we learned about how to keep ourselves healthy and stuff, but let’s be honest, who wants to learn how the human body functions or how nutritional level affects our mindset? The only interesting thing I could find in health class was totally mature jokes about human private body parts, and even that privilege was taken away, as we were learning about mental health this year. Though it was helpful, which I have to totally admit. I learned a lot about my recent unexpected emotional changes that I have been through, which weren't under my radar until it was explored during this class. I never knew that some of the unhealthy habits that I developed during quarantine have done hurt my studying mentality this badly. Now in order to fix my old healthy schedule, I had to, unwillingly, give up my late sleeping schedule, and switch back to what it was pre-quarantine. Sigh, I guess it was not that bad after all. Now, I can go sit back, relax, as I watch my friends now have to suffer through all the studying that I have been through. What a pleasant ending.

Diary Entry 3 

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Why do my parents always talk about exercising! Maybe I am a little bit overweight, but that doesn’t mean I have to go for a run like 5 times a day! 5 kilometers is so much longer than going to the kitchen to get snacks. Plus, do my parents not see or feel how cold it is outside? How could I run in a jacket while it is only… 40 degrees! I could never imagine myself sweating like a faucet while wearing glasses. But then they say if I don’t want to exercise, I should be on a diet. A diet? That’s even more ridiculous! Do they expect me to become a vegetarian? Eating grass 3 times a day? That’s completely torturous! More importantly, I have been feeding on salad for 3 days now! I mean it wasn’t that bad… No, I must keep my ground, it was terrible! I could never bear that delicious Caesar dressing… I mean those disgusting tasteless garbage! Stupid autocorrect. 

Ah, my bedtime is near. Quick! I should definitely finish these homework assignments up before my parents check on me. Though I do wonder what kind of salad they prepared for me tomorrow…

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