Learning and its importance

August 17, 2021 11:33 AM

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The motion of book pages turning. Photo taken by the author.

The motion of book pages turning. Photo taken by the author.

Before the pandemic, my life consisted of an everyday process of school, homework, and sleep. I never really found the time or had enough motivation to do anything else.  When the pandemic started, I took it as a time to relax knowing that I was going to be home for the next few weeks. As things got worse however, I was still relaxed but I started to take interest in different things as days went by searching different topics online. Although I had experience with topics I had dabbled in over the years prior to this time, I started to go back and learn more about the topics. I began by relearning topics in areas of science, cooking and film editing. Eventually I was practicing these skills and that was the only thing keeping me occupied. I would then move on to new topics I didn't have interests in before, researching and reading about them.

Starting out may be a challenge but something that worked for me was looking onto topics I was curious about. For example, I started off by learning more about cooking because although I already had experience, I still found it interesting. I would start by researching its origins. I would then move on to trying out new recipes. 

After trials of cooking, I felt as if it was time to move on to something I never really focused on before. I would begin to show interest in movies. When I started to take the time to learn more about movies, I would do research learning about the background, origin. I eventually started to watch a range of movies from classics to the present time. I grew more interested as time went on. Many of these movies had numerous themes whether comedies, serious, or movies based on true stories. A lot of the themes I noticed are applicable to real life. I'm not saying I paid a lot of attention to the themes and they were my only focus, but I couldn't help but see the world in new eyes after each of these movies. I started to notice how each film had deeper meanings and one of the movies that I really found interesting was Forrest Gump. I would capture the message that random occurrences can alter our destinies. There were also a lot of situations in the movie and many different lines targeting endless themes and that's what truly grasped my attention. 

As time went on I kept watching these movies and taking messages from them, applying them to life even while I'm learning other topics. I was never really interested in too many things but I found something thing that I enjoyed through learning different topics, trying new things. I also became more open minded and observant with my mind being empowered doing these tasks. 

In the present time, I have read a lot more and have gained a lot more information on different topics. Something I didn't like at first, which was my own fault, was trying to get myself to learn topics I didn't like just so I could learn a thing or two. I found that was hard to do and a big reason why is because learning gets hard when it's a burden and when you're forcing yourself to learn that particular material. But after finding that and doing things my own way moving forward, I have seen that I have become more open minded and I've built a broader perspective on my life and the idea of life itself. Learning and trying new things everyday is important to me because It allows me to experiment with different things whether it be books or human skills. I believe by dabbling in a few things a person is going to build character and keep that person engaged and they will also start to grow mentally stronger. Something I enjoyed when learning about these different topics was being able to comprehend new things; It also empowers the mind and teaches you many different lessons regardless of whatever device you're gaining that information from. 

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