Ingredients for the perfect body

June 8, 2021 3:15 PM

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Posing wooden figurine. Photo courtesy of Milan Degraeve on Unsplash.

Posing wooden figurine. Photo courtesy of Milan Degraeve on Unsplash.

Nutritional Facts

Serving size

Every size is perfect in its own way. When people compare you to others or objects, it can be hurtful. Stop telling people to eat more or eat less. Stop wrapping your hand around others' wrists just to say “you’re so skinny.” When at the beach, don’t whisper under your breath “beach whale” just because someone is bigger than you and isn’t afraid to show their confidence.


Calories can be scary when it comes to having “a good body.” I used to think that if I ate a 250 calorie brownie it would take forever to burn off and that because the number was so big I’d become overweight and not have a perfect “beach body.” Standards that society put in place have so much control over people. Especially with social media, these standards are a big part of people’s lives. They care more about their weight than being healthy.

Total Fat

Fat is something that is taken so far out of context in our world that it can be dangerous. Just the word “fat” can change the whole way someone looks at themself inside and out. But it shouldn’t. Fat is something that we need to keep us alive, to keep us warm, to make sure we aren't just skin and bones. Fat is a source of essential fatty acids, which the body cannot make itself. Fat helps the body absorb vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E. The word “fat” can lead some to think that they need to stop eating, in general, to not gain weight that they can control. What they don’t know is that starving yourself, or not eating a sufficient amount of food, actually slows down your metabolism, which makes it easier to gain weight over time.


Your liver makes cholesterol for your body. You also can get cholesterol from the foods you eat. Meat, fish, eggs, butter, cheese, and milk all have cholesterol in them. When you don’t eat this food, your body starts getting weaker and weaker. Fruits, vegetables, and grains don't have any cholesterol. I bring this up because the things that help you to live and have a healthy body are things that some people are scared of eating because they are known for causing weight gain.

Total Sugar 

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you love love, love sugar. Although, sugar is looked at as a bad thing for your teeth and for your body. I'd say that as long as you aren't going overboard, live your life as a teenager or young adult. Our bodies are young enough to be processing these kinds of things, and we shouldn't have to worry about “getting fat” as teenagers. After all, we are burning it off most of the time just by doing everyday things like walking, talking and sleeping. You are even burning calories when you eat because your blood is flowing, your muscles are moving, and you are being active,  which is the best possible thing you can be as a teenager.


Protein is something in food that helps you grow strong muscles, helps your brain grow, and even makes up your hair and nails. Growing strong is not only a physical thing; it can be a mental thing as well. Once you learn that life isn’t always about having the perfect body, the perfect smile, perfect nose, the “perfect” anything, you’ll see that you’ll start to love yourself more. You’ll start to glow. As long as you are perfect to yourself and have self-love, your body will be the perfect body size. Your smile will be the perfect smile, and even your hair will be the perfect hair because it’s part of you … and you are perfect no matter your size or the color of your skin.

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