In 10 days, I'll be moving into my dorm

September 8, 2020 2:21 PM

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Writing Through The Distance logo. Photo courtesy of WriteBoston.


Dear Diary,

Today I had to go to my college with my parents at around eight in the morning to drop some things off. Because of COVID-19, we have been given strict time slots on when we are to drop our stuff off to avoid any potential of crowding. 

My parents and I lugged the bags upstairs to my floor, with me glowering the entire time and rolling my eyes at everything either of my parents said. The idea of college fast approaching made me wish I had gone to a college that was doing remote learning instead. Maybe that would have been more responsible.

I entered my dorm room and saw my roommate’s stuff already set up on her side. She had left me a gift bag with a bed pocket in it. 

After putting away fall clothes and my bedding, I had to go down to the alumni center and get a COVID test. The process was really strange, I had to do it by myself while a lady behind a glass wall gave me instructions. I could barely hear her, but I winced with discomfort as I put the swab up my nose, then put it back in the tube. I had never been tested for anything like this before, it was a weird experience, but nothing too terrible.

I’ve been hearing that this is something we will have to do every two weeks. It makes me not even want to go to school at all. The only reason they are probably letting us back in is that they want the money. It’s hard to be skeptical when so many schools around you are shutting things down for the first semester. 

At the same time, I would not be safe at home either, since everyone in my house is going out and interacting with people for their jobs. 

It’s hard to believe that in only ten days, I will be moving into my dorm. 


Dear Diary,

I do not think I packed enough clothes into my college dorm.

The next time I will be going back to campus will be my official move-in day, and to avoid overcrowding, my parents are not allowed to come with me. So basically, I will have to bring everything in myself. 

I spent my whole life wearing a school uniform, not since diapers have I ever had the freedom to wear anything I wanted for seven days a week. I have no idea what’s considered enough clothes, I never had a chance to develop a sense of style. It feels like I only wear three outfits consistently, especially during the quarantine. 

I am going to be self-conscious when I have to live with a stranger, who will think to herself “oh wow, she’s wearing that again.”

I think it is morally wrong to have to room with a stranger. Tell me how that makes any sense? Even if we had similar results in a survey, we do not know these people. You could get roomed with pretty much anybody, and they could be a sociopath. There are European countries where all uni students have singles, and I believe that America should adopt that ideology. 

I hope my roommate isn’t a murderer. That would be so annoying.


Dear Diary,

I tried to drive my mom to Target, and it was a disaster. The entire time it was so stressful and so busy, I thought it was a great idea to switch lanes in the middle of an intersection, which you’re apparently not supposed to do!

I went to driver’s ed before COVID-19 went crazy, and then when we had to go on quarantine and there was such a large gap between driver’s ed and driving lessons. And conveniently, I lost my driver’s ed notes. So, watch out future drivers!

I actually did not do that bad of a job, but driving can be very stressful.

One time I was driving to my dad’s work, and this car just parked in the middle of a narrow road. It was going to be rough getting around it and my mom was stressing me out about. And we have one of those modern cars that has a button that turns off the engine of the car. And guess what button I accidentally pressed when I was trying to press the hazard warning lights. So the car was off, with other cars behind me, and someone was honking behind me as I was trying to get the car back on. It was so annoying.

I have gotten so much better at driving, but honestly if I ever have an opportunity to avoid it, I would.  

I’m afraid that when I go to college, I will lose practice on driving and then not be able to do it anymore. Or maybe it is just like learning how to ride a bike.

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