I'm ready to hit the road

September 10, 2020 2:27 PM

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A hand on the steering wheel of a car driving down a long road towards mountains. Courtesy of Tim Foster on Unsplash.

A hand on the steering wheel of a car driving down a long road towards mountains. Courtesy of Tim Foster on Unsplash.

Entry 1:

Vroom vroom

Today I have been thinking a lot about my driving lesson yesterday. For starters, trying to get a driver’s license during a global pandemic is such a nuisance. I am kicking myself for not getting started on this process at the age of 15 like everyone else, but my mom always delayed that.

This upcoming year is about to be filled with crazy drivers because that permit test was taken completely online with no real supervision. After passing, I got to go to my first road lesson with my instructor. With his mask and his thick accent, it was difficult to make out what we were saying, and before I knew it I was driving on main roads around Parkway Driving School. My instructor had to keep a gloved hand on my wheel as I soared down. It was exhilarating! And I felt so safe doing it without my mom there backseat driving. I was stopping at red lights and making right turns for the first time! I felt like I was soaring down West Roxbury Parkway at 45mph. That was the fastest I have ever been allowed to drive in my life!!!!

I’m excited about my lesson tomorrow. Getting my license feels like such a necessity because I do not want to be taking driving lessons while in college. Still, all of the lessons are full. My mom and I had to lean over the schedule and keep refreshing to get the two lessons this week. I want to be a driver! My moment of victory will be going through a drive-through for the first time. 

Too bad I won’t even have a car in college. Man, I should have done this two years prior so I’d have the chance to squeeze in as many joy rides as I could before being trapped in a college building.

Entry 2:

Left turns are really hard. 

That was the focus of my driving lesson yesterday. As I was driving down these main roads and waiting at stop signs, I was thinking to myself how embarrassing driving truly is. It honestly puts you on the spot. All the other cars rely on you and get so mad at you if you even drive too slow. As I was driving down West Roxbury Parkway, my instructor kept making me take my foot off the accelerator, and then back on, and then off again. I kept looking at my mirror and feeling like the car behind me was too close. My instructor kept trying to tell me to only worry about myself, which was true. The poor guy had to deal with me and my left turns. 

My driving instructor should become a therapist or a public speaker. He made me feel confident and was hitting me with those “only focus on your safety” and “don’t be so hard on yourself, it is about learning.” He is the hero the world needs right now.

Next week I got stuck with a night class and I have to have a different instructor. I bet he won’t be nearly as amazing as the instructor I had the last two times. No one will ever compare!!!!

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