Hurricanes in Honduras

January 8, 2021 4:54 PM

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Flag of Honduras. Photo courtesy of jorono on Pixabay.

Flag of Honduras. Photo courtesy of jorono on Pixabay.

In the story, the people that were affected that I know were my grandmother and my other family. The hurricane happened around one week ago in my country, Honduras, in Cortes. It was close to my grandmother’s, and houses close to the Ulua river. Cortes is a big city with a lot of beaches, lakes and rivers.

Then the hurricane happened, and close to my grandmother’s house the river’s water levels were rising until the water spilled out and the inundations started. Then a lot of people lost their houses, and many people lost their lives. The water level was so high that the water touched the ceilings of houses and the streams started to drag things. It happened because the river overflowed and a lot of people knew that the inundations would start, but they didn't care about that and thought they could save their things. 

My grandmother did the things that organizations of my country say to do. She took the most important things she owned and went to a high part of her house or other place. She even brought some other people to her house because it wasn't very inundated. Some people moved to high places because the water was high and they didn’t have another place to go. The government also didn’t help people to move to another place. 

I feel sad, worried and angry. I feel sad because a lot of people lost their lives, houses and things of value. I feel worried because I didn’t know anything about my family for two days, and I feel angry because some people that lost their lives and things of value don't care about the directions that the organizations said. I thought about what they would do during other hurricanes, and how the people that lost their houses would live.

I think the lesson is that we can get material things back but not a person’s life. I hope that now people take the necessary safety measures for the other hurricanes that arrive in Honduras.

Cortes has beaches, lakes and rivers, and there we can say that it is always summer. Normally Honduras gets hurricanes but Cortes does not see a lot of damage. This time was different. Normally people have problems with the government because they do not help the people when they need — they just want to have power for their own benefit. When the hurricane happened the government was “collecting” things to give to the people, but they did not give it out. That always happens. 

I want to focus on climate change. This idea comes from all that I see in the news and all my family is experiencing.I was not there when the hurricane hit, but I was waiting on all the notices and talking with my grandmother. My family and other people in Honduras experienced a very difficult situation.

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