How to become a plushy enthusiast

May 20, 2021 11:41 AM

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One of the author's plushies, BunBun.

One of the author's plushies, BunBun.

Adult life is super difficult. Often we miss the warm comfort of being a child again and the freedom it gives. Well, the closest thing I could think of that is close to this is having plushies. Many of us as children had this seemingly soft object that held a lot of memories, attachment and a sense of ultimate security. It may be time to explore that side once more.

1. Trying to find a touch of fabric/feel you like best

No one likes an itchy blanket or an uncomfortable shirt. If you want something to cuddle a lot, then the physical touch of it will matter quite a bit. Finding a plushy that feels nice is essential. I would personally recommend a softer feel. Since I’m not very good with furry plushies, I have mostly felt ones. (i.e. BunBun above). I got BunBun from Squishmallows which is one of the many sites for plushies that I’ve personally found.

2. Think about size when looking for a plushy

I know not everyone likes a huge giant plushie as I do.  Sometimes even the smallest ones bring comfort. Choose a size that fits you best & don’t be afraid to explore! Another website that has much larger plushies is Bellzi.

3.  Try finding others who like plushies

I love having plushies and I often try to find other people who like plushies as well. It’s a very good bonding topic that I ask many of my friends around me. It’s even a good gift for people because many hold sentimentality on one. BunBun was given to me as a gift from one of my friends. I’ve cherished her ever since because it reminds me of that friend who I hold very dear.

4. Think about the price/don’t overdo it!

I know I withhold myself from splurging too much. After all, spending too much on something that is too pricey isn’t good. I’m not here to support an addiction, haha! If something is super expensive, you might want to wait for a discount or it isn’t worth it. As you see BunBun earlier, she was originally $20, which is pretty pricey, but I got her on sale by 50%, which was a steal. However, if you’re into smaller plushies, which are cheaper in price, Kawaii Box has some awesome ones (though it does require a plan).

I hope you do consider taking a trip back down memory lane for those who have had one and re-embrace the joy and comfort of the feeling of nostalgia from them. Or if you’re completely new to it, then I hope it was a good first dive into something considered childish yet has the ultimate feeling of home. I wish you the utmost comfort & stay squishy!

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