How to become a better softball player

September 3, 2021 12:39 PM

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Photo courtesy of the author.

Photo courtesy of the author.

Being a softball player is one of the best things in my life that I enjoy and it’s the one I love the most. When I have a game or practice, I’m always so excited. It's like the light in my darkness, just something inexplicable. When I’m playing softball, I feel different; It’s like I'm in another world. If I have problems, when playing softball I forget about everything. It is hard for me to explain what softball means to me but it is so special. Also, being part of a team where everyone supports each other is the best. They are my other family. 

How to become a better softball player is one of the things that every softball player has to think about every day because you don’t want to get stuck in one place. You want to get better every day at what you do and show yourself, your coach, and everyone that you’re able to progress and become a better version of yourself. Every day beats what you did yesterday and here’s how to make that happen: 

Be a team player

Being a team player is a key role of being part of a softball team because when you’re a team player you can communicate your ideas clearly with the group and you can understand everyone’s point of view. Sometimes there are going to be disagreements or arguments, but being able to work well with a team will help you handle these situations. Teamwork is so important and something that will benefit you. 

Mini tip: learn from the best by following your favorite team on social media.

Practice regularly

Practicing softball regularly helps you improve your technical and tactical skills, which are keys to success in softball. Practice can bring game-like speed and intensity to help you develop your team. Don’t just practice when your coach says, but also do it on your own. It shows your interest in learning more and developing your abilities in the game. Practice makes perfect, and if you want to become a better softball player you have to have discipline and practice. 

"The Base" is a place in Boston, MA where you practice without having to pay anything and you can also join their team. They are so supportive, and you can also get college scholarships through them. 

Determine your position

To determine in what position you want to play, I recommend trying to learn and practice various positions. After that, you will see which one you feel most comfortable in and enjoy. Some positions require more movement and agility than others. You also have to practice your throws to see how hard you throw, and that can help you decide which position you want to play. For example, if you throw hard you can play third base, right fielder, or first base. If you are the fastest player you can probably play second base, shortstop, or center field since these require more movements. I suggest you read and learn the requirements that each position has.

Ask and Learn

Being able to ask questions every time you don’t understand something shows the coach how interested you are in learning more about this sport. In softball, you’re always learning new things regardless if you are a new player or have more experience. One of the most important things is to always be curious so that your coach notices that you're not there just to be there. When you don’t understand something but you ask It shows that you put into practice all that they say. Asking questions helps you grow in whichever environment you’re in.  

Equipment needs

When you’re going to practice, you have to use exercise clothes. When you’re going to a game, of course, you have to wear the team uniform. Make sure you take a bottle of cold water with you and make sure it is big so you can stay hydrated. You also need softball bats, gloves, batting helmets, cleats, etc. Dick’s Sporting Goods is a store and is also online where you can find everything you need for practices and softball games. 

Selecting a team 

When making the decision on which team you want to play for, it depends because you could be playing for your school, your neighborhood, or a team in another place that your friend talked to you about. What you need to get into a team is an updated physical, your parent's permission, and a friendly spirit. 

Click here to learn about things that you have to consider while you’re choosing the best team to play in.


Confidence is the most important mental factor in sports. Confidence is the most important because you can have all the ability to do something, but if you don’t believe in yourself you’re not going to achieve your goals. As much as your physique in sports matters, your mental health also matters

Playing softball is a big responsibility. When I was playing softball, it was really hard especially because I wasn’t even used to exercising. My first time playing, I got hit with the ball a couple of times but that wasn’t an excuse to stop playing softball. When I got hit I kept going. I didn’t let anyone check me because it wasn’t a big hit. I say this because this is part of the process. Keep going because we have to be stronger and also take care of ourselves. Every time I went to a game or practice, I was trying to take care of myself. At first, I used to be scared of the ball, and that’s why I got hit with the ball. Then this fear left, and I became stronger and learned each day how to be a better softball player.

Being a softball player is not just going to practice whenever you want and going to games. Being a softball player is more than that. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things, overcome obstacles, have fun, work on a team, believe in yourself and your teammates, and love the game. Softball is more than just a team, it is like your second family. The playground converts into your second home because when finding something that you love and that you’re passionate about, you give everything of yourself for that. When you decide to do something, make sure that it is going to make you happy and that you’re doing it for yourself, not for someone else. I hope you give softball a try!

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