Exploring Boston and its hidden gems

May 20, 2021 2:55 PM

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Street art in Graffiti Alley. Photo courtesy of Maria O'Malley.

Street art in Graffiti Alley. Photo courtesy of Maria O'Malley.

Living in Boston all your life can be boring. It feels like you’ve seen everything already and there’s nothing to do but go shopping or eat out at a fancy restaurant…but this is simply not true. There are some cool things and places that are just hidden in plain sight.

Here are the top 5 hidden gems you probably didn’t know about in Boston:

Street art on a stained-glass ceiling

1. Graffiti Alley (Cambridge)

This alley is full of big and small graffiti. It also has a canopy above the alleyway that is made up of different types of colorful glasses. Most, if not all, of the graffiti in this semi-hidden alleyway, is made up of Black Lives Matter murals, activism pieces, abstract works of art, tributes to musicians, and many more beautiful expressions of art that are always changing. You can find the Alley across the street from Central station on the Red Line.

The storefront of Brattle Book Shop and its outdoor space.

2. Brattle Book Shop (Off Boston Common)

Brattle Book Shop is an indoor and outdoor bookseller. With all employees wearing masks and multiple hand sanitizer stations around the indoor and outdoor shop, this space is filled with every single genre you can think about, from mysteries to picture books and more. Most of the books and magazines are second-hand but they have a good amount of brand new ones too. The shop is 3 floors and they have cheap prices throughout the store. You can find the shop off of the Boston common on 9 West St.

3. All Saint Way (The North End)

All Saints Way is a shrine alleyway filled with all different kinds of saints for all different kinds of religions, with mostly Catholic saints. If the owner is around, he sometimes gives tours and opens up the gates to the alleyway to show to the public. On holidays, the shine is decorated according to the holiday. All Saints Way looks especially festive on Mother’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve. You can find the alley on Battery St. just off of Hanover Street.

4. Fenway Victory Gardens (Fenway/Back Bay)

The Fenway Victory Gardens is a literal WWII victory garden from 1942 and is now made up of 7.5 acres of produce & flowers. Local people in the Boston community tend to the gardens. Anyone can visit the gardens as long as the gates are open. There are many places to sit and there are even some grills if you choose to have a small gathering for a cookout. The views are amazing as you are looking out at all the buildings in the Back Bay area.

5 . Lynch Family Skatepark (Cambridge)

For the skateboarders out there, this is a cool skatepark. Located under the Zakim Bridge and across from North Point Park, Lynch Family Skatepark is one of the newest skateparks in Boston, opened in 2015. The skatepark is not only for skaters but also for BMX riders and scooter riders. You get to ride/skate while cars are driving over you and trains are driving next to you, and you have a view of the Zakim Bridge and Charles River.

So, the next time you find yourself looking for something to do in Boston, consider this list and have fun exploring!

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