COVID-19; Finding Myself

March 30, 2021 12:00 PM

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A collage of photos showing off the author's new hobbies including painting and inline skating. Photos by Bethany Soto.

A collage of photos showing off the author's new hobbies including painting and inline skating. Photos by Bethany Soto.

COVID-19 was not all bad — all of the free time did many people a lot of good. Although it has affected so many people negatively with things like quarantining and being at home, we will never have this much free time again for a long time. We are forced to stay inside and do our previous day-to-day tasks at home. At first, it was strange, and the time felt never-ending, but it changed my perspective a lot. Quarantine was bad, but it gave me an unexpected time that left me with nothing else to do but find myself.

Staying home in my room for days, weeks, months, and still today, I have dealt with a lot of the negative factors that COVID has brought to many of us. But, I also learned to reflect on the life I was living before. My perspective has changed in terms of the ways I used to interact with people, how I went about things and how I cared for myself. 

Throughout the early stages of COVID and quarantine, everyone wanted so badly to return to their regular days, back to their lives, but maybe COVID has just given us the necessary time to acknowledge who we are as people. Was it too much time? Yes, but sometimes having nothing to do widens your thinking and gives perspective. 

“You get your best ideas when you have too much time on your hands”, the expression goes. Throughout COVID-19 people have created ways to entertain themselves virtually, and adults and teachers are finding techniques they've never thought of in order to continue teaching kids. The entire world was able to continue throughout the mitts of a global pandemic when action called. Before this, I would never have thought it would be possible to go to school while being in my bedroom, or interact with people solely online. 

We as people were used to going out every day and talking to people, going to the grocery store without needing a mask and shaking hands when greeting, all normal things. But now everything's different. We are at home with only yourself and family. It made me feel almost trapped in my own head. Being away from people for so long makes you reflect on your usual ways. You distance yourself from people who used to influence you, and develop a new sense of self. I am not the person I was before COVID-19. I have looked back on things I used to do and now found who I am without society's influence.

With new perspective came new hobbies and passions. Since quarantine, I’ve learned to paint, draw, binge watch all of Netflix, find interesting books, go outside, do photography and roller blade. These are all things I never thought to do before COVID-19. Also, I've learned what my true passions are and what I want to do in life. I’ve been able to focus in school, get an online job, take college classes and decide what I want to do in the next four years.

I've found what is important to me, and I've had enough time to learn to dedicate myself to succeed in those areas. Although COVID has undoubtedly caused so much chaos and disruption in the world, positive things always come out of the negative. And in this case, the days, weeks, months,and the now, have helped me find myself; my ambitions, passions, perspective, and what I'm good at.

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