The Boston Teachers’ Union should meet with students

September 17, 2020 4:16 PM

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File photo of a teacher speaking with one of her students in a brightly-colored classroom.

File photo of a teacher speaking with one of her students in a brightly-colored classroom.

Dear Boston Teachers’ Union,

Mental health is important, and students’ access to a normal school environment is part of that. I understand with the current pandemic you want to be safe, but some kids learn better in person. With that in mind, the teachers union should ask kids for their opinions as they work with Boston Public Schools to plan the upcoming year.

Remote learning makes things hard for both kids with disabilities and their parents. I find it hard to focus at home, and I miss my friends that I’d normally be able to work with at school. Many students, including myself, still aren’t sure when we’ll be able to go back to school in-person. If students could be involved in the process, it would make things a lot easier for us. 

I am proposing a meeting with the Teachers Union and students from sixth to 12th grade on Zoom. This would provide students the space to express their feelings and emotions, and allow teachers to make decisions based on student feedback.

Administration can send surveys to families and collect data around students’ feelings about coming back. Those students should have the power to choose the way they learn. Having a  classroom space can help kids and parents stay organized with homework and assignments, and it’s important that students get to see their friends.

The pandemic has been difficult for students and teachers, but I believe things will turn out the best if students can work with teachers.


Madeleine Farnkoff
Ninth Grade
Boston Green Academy

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