A hectic to-do list

June 7, 2021 3:38 PM

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Rose Gold iPhone 6S on top of a planner with items written on paper in pen, next to a laptop. Photo courtesy of Jessica Lewis on Unsplash.

Rose Gold iPhone 6S on top of a planner with items written on paper in pen, next to a laptop. Photo courtesy of Jessica Lewis on Unsplash.



  • Pay attention in class. Do NOT go off and Google random things like “who is the tallest person ever” and “what is Orson Welles’ favorite movie.” 

- German

  • Watch 15 minutes of video and look up vocabulary.
  • Maybe do this while eating lunch.
  • Put video on 2x speed.

- Math

  • Homework (both the Khan Academy and the textbook problems.
  • If possible, try to get ahead because you’ll be busy all week.

- Latin

  • Translate about a thousand lines.
  • Try to actually translate though because she might give a pop quiz…
  • Also, ask her about my 36% on the last quiz (yikes).
  • SOS

- English

  • Write your characterization essay.
  • Umm… I am only 15 years old… how can I draw conclusions about human nature after analyzing a character in “The Things They Carried?”
  • I need to live a little before I say anything about human nature.
  • How can I live when I have all these essays though?

- Chemistry: homework problems

  • Why are there so many chemistry quizzes? Please help.
  • Gave up on chemistry after April break, to be honest.

- AP World History

  • I’m going through so much RIGHT NOW - I can’t focus on what happened a thousand years ago.

- Treble Choir

  • Record yourself singing the song about some baker.
  • Actually pay attention to the directions or he won’t be able to use the video.
  • Wear bright clothing!

- Gym: submit your fitness log 

  • Write about all the squats you never did.
  • Why do I even have gym, HAHAHAH?
  • I already have crew practice 6 days a week… 
  • I don’t even think he checks the logs.


- Make sure seniors have submitted their farewells to the newspaper so you can start editing them.

  • Why is everyone ignoring my text reminders about the deadline? T_T

- Go to crew practice

  • Last week of practice, wooo!
  • Will miss all of the seniors. :,(

- Record your gospel choir video.

  • Brainstorm reasons why I like gospel choir.

- Find interesting news articles.

- Write book and movie reviews for BPL.

  • How can I do this when I have not read or watched a movie for weeks?

- Write your hermit crab essay for Teens in Print.

  • Oh, wait… I’m doing this right now! Hahaha. ✅


- Respond to all of your emails.

  • For real this time! You cannot go on for days without replying to people!

- Schedule that meeting you really don’t feel like having but you have to have.

- Study Arabic.

IF TIME (just kidding, I will never get to this part)

- Watch a movie

  • I literally have not watched a movie since April 24 and I feel so deprived.
  • Watching my sister who just finished her four years at college watch all the movies I want to watch is torture.
  • Please, I just want to watch a movie.

- Read

  • You’ve been reading the same three books for months. Didn’t you plan to finish them in December?
  • Seriously, though, I hate reading more than one book at a time. How do I even get into these situations?
  • You can finish "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" and "Three Stories" in like 15 minutes - why are you delaying it?

- Help mom with the yard work

  • She’s been asking me to do this since last week… yikes

- Clean and reorganize your room

  • I cannot remember the last time I cleaned it.
  • I really want to reorganize and redecorate my room but it takes a lot of time, which I lack.

- Plan your summer

  • I’m so done with school.
  • Finalize which books and movies you want to get to over the summer
  • How many weeks of summer crew should I do?

- Go to bed early.

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