8 fun different activities you can do during a snow day that is during a pandemic

February 24, 2021 5:35 PM

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Photo of a young person leaning against a window sill, looking outside. Image via Pixabay.

Photo of a young person leaning against a window sill, looking outside. Image via Pixabay.

Ever since March of 2020 the whole world went into quarantine and along with the coronavirus came an era of pure boredom. The world came to a stop with only some exceptions like getting groceries or picking up amazon packages outside your front door. Add in a snow day where it is too cold to even go outside and you have a recipe for one bland day. Although lucky for you here are 8 fun activities to spice up your bland days of boredom during quarantine and a snow day!

  1. Binge watch Netflix shows. "Stranger Things” is currently a three season long horror show about paranormal activities occurring in a small town that is up to a group of almost-kids trying to save the world. For a romantic show "Bridgerton" may be right up your alley. "Bridgerton" is a one season show set during England’s regal era about a family striving to find love. A dramatic show "Cobra Kai" is a three season drama occurring thirty-four years after the iconic karate tournament  at the end of the “Karate Kid” movie where the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Danny LaRusso continues. 
  2. Cook up a comfort food. The pandemic brought waves of stress, so your next  snow day should be used to cook up some de-stressing foods. The classic tomato soup for when you don’t feel your best, but don’t forget about the other ones like chicken or beef.  Snowy weather wouldn't be complete without a cup of hot chocolate. Making your own pizza or tacos at home is definitely something you can do since you can add whatever toppings and sides you want!  For something you can snack on, try making potato chips in an air fryer. And lastly you can’t forget about the family morning dish: grits. 
  3. Do some bullet journaling to calm your mind. Everyone's lives have been turned upside down with the pandemic and things can feel very disorganized, but Bullet journaling is one way you can organize your day or week, and maybe even plan months ahead of you. With bullet journaling you can use whatever colors, patterns, styles, handwriting, etc that you want. Spend time simply making layouts of to-do lists, calendars, or spreads to inspire to venture on in life! Your mind may feel more relaxed and organized which is an extremely good way to feel during a pandemic.
  4. Bake yourself a tasty treat. During a snow day cold weather may bring deep boredom, so here some easy to make treats! Try baking a cake like an apple cake, sponge cake, or even an almond cake with berries to make your day a little sweeter. Lemon bars or even some Nutella brownies could never go wrong. You can’t forget about cookies like chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, almond cookies, banana oatmeal cookies, or even a gluten free cookie! Get crazy in the kitchen. Step out of your comfort zone and bake a coconut macaroon, a gluten free rice crispy treat, or even a samosa.
  5. Explore your world of bath time relaxation bath bombs. Bath bombs are hard packed mixtures of dry ingredients that disperse when wet to expose their scents, bubbles, or colors. Switching from in-person to virtual work brought panic but using bath bombs can help. The groovy kind of bath bomb from lush has a rainbow of different colors and a lovely rosemary scent. The ocean breeze bath bomb with rings from Jack Candles has hydrating oils with a surprise ring value between $5,000 and $15,000. The chill pills from OUAI are a pack of bath bombs infused with delightful scents of jasmine and rose and hydrating skin oils.
  6. Play some video games to pass the time. Video games are a fun way for many to distract from reality  which is important since pandemic reality is too harsh for some. For something related to basketball "NBA 2K20" maybe for you and for football "Madden NFL 20" may be up your alley. If you like team games but not sports ones then maybe "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" or "Call of Duty: Black Ops" are games you would enjoy. If shooting games aren't something you're interested then maybe fighting is. In that case "Mortal Kombat 11" or "Super Smash Bros" would be games that interest you. 
  7. Do something new and crazy to your hair. Since we are all in quarantine with loads of time on our hands let's do our hair. There are so many styles like the sleek top knot, a high puff, or messy bun. Half up half down, space buns, a bun with bangs in the front, a braided french bun. Maybe even buble ponytails, a messy ponytail that is tied with a scarf, a french twist pony. Not to mention that you can add color with hair wax, dye, etc. And all the azores you can use like bobby pins, flowers, crazy hats, scarfs, and more!
  8. Have fun with your friends over Facetime. Although we are in quarantine and can’t physically hangout with friends, there are still many virtual activities you can do. You could create a Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ party with friends and watch something. You could do online shopping together or workout together. And don't forget about the many games you could play like hangman, guess a celebrity, this or that, never have I ever or 20 questions. You could also try to do a challenge tohter like learning a language. You guys could eat with each other while gossiping.

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