2020 is cursed

October 22, 2020 5:16 PM

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A PlayStation controller rests on a PS4. Photo courtesy of Davyahna Eldridge.

A PlayStation controller rests on a PS4. Photo courtesy of Davyahna Eldridge.


Dear Diary, 

I know you might think I’m weird, but ... I actually enjoy quarantine.

Now, to be fair, throughout the past couple of months I've had mixed emotions about the shutdown.

But over time my natural instinct to be a homebody and an introvert came into play, and I actually started to enjoy quarantine. I hated it during school, though. I am not the best when it comes to virtual learning, but I've tried.

At one point I forgot all about the coronavirus because there is so much going on this year. And to be honest I think 2020 is cursed, but at the same time it might be a blessing since everyone's true colors are showing. It’s really crazy though, like, every day a new person is getting exposed for being a trashy person and I’m not going to lie ... it’s kind of entertaining.

During this time of being in the cell that is also my bedroom, I noticed a few things about me.

One of those things is I tend to try stupid things when I have nothing to do. But one good thing that came out of that is I can get really creative. 

But the lockdown was a learning experience. I can’t say the same for others, but it definitely was for me.


Dear Diary,

Ever since this lockdown, or whatever you want to call it, started, I’ve been really into taking care of myself. The reason for this is that I love food and I’m stuck in the house bored, and you know what people do when they are bored? Something they love of course — I ended up having a binge habit ... which was not favorable. 

I decided to start changing my diet, working out and going back to doing something I love. It’s not food; it’s dancing. In the beginning, the change was DIFFICULT. The aches, wanting cookies, but I had nothing else to do during this time in jail, so why not make my body hate me for the greater good?

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with working out. But one thing that's crucial in all of this is that playlist. If I am listening to a high bass, hardcore song, it gets my adrenaline pumping and next thing you know that hour workout is done. 

Diary, this entry is making me seem like I wasn’t active before and not fit ... okay but I can’t lie, that kind of is the truth. But I can say that that’s not the case anymore. I am just shocked that I was able to literally change my habits. I am generally a very lazy person. I’m telling you, it’s that music that does it. Imagine working out in silence or to some sad in-my-feelings song, I would not even finish 10 minutes of the workout.

So now I need to find more songs for my extremely hyped playlist. One of my favorite artists is about to release an album. I wonder how many of those songs end up on that playlist?


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was playing "Apex Legends," and all I have to say is, I hate having the most hidden room. Having the back room has its perks, but when it comes to Wi-Fi connection when it is truly needed, it’s sometimes not the best. During the game of Apex I was really hype because I was socializing with my online friends, and it killed my boredom. Everything was going smoothly in the beginning until I noticed my game started glitching. Now let me inform you where I was at the game so you can understand the frustration — my team was in the last three, and I had about 10 kills. And for some reason, the internet connection decides to slow down right towards the end of the game. And of course my teammates came for my neck. They roasted the heck out of me, but it was all through love so it's whatever.

So guess what I did next?

I played another round, of course.

And what happened next should not be a surprise anymore, but ... the whack internet connection ruined my game again. At this point I wanted to rage, which I was of course. Only a few negative words came out while I was getting roasted again. But next time I play a game, I am going to make sure the connection is secure because this whole frustrated situation was too much.

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