Our team at Teens in Print offers one-time workshops to teachers and non-profits serving seventh - 12th graders who attend Boston Public Schools.

Teens in Print is operating virtually, so we will be offering our workshops online through whichever video conferencing tool your classroom uses. Read about our offerings below, and then use the form here to sign up.

Dismantling the Fake News Machine

Students will learn how fake news is generated and spread, practice spotting the difference between real and dubious sources, and walk away with new knowledge of how to be savvy news consumers.

Challenging the Media Narrative of Gen Z

Students will analyze media portrayals of Generation Z, think critically about what is missing from their cultural narrative, and respond to current claims about their generation in the media.

What Does Freedom of Speech Really Mean?

After a brief overview of First Amendment rights and the way laws are made, students discuss contemporary and accessible questions around the limits of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.