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Teens in Print is Boston's citywide high school newspaper, written by teens for teens.

Blurred purple photo. Photo taken by the author.


View of purple night sky through silhouettes of trees. Photo taken by the author.


A pile of polaroids featuring the author and various experiences she's had. Photo by Kasandra Wilcox.


White thought bubble illustration against a hot pink background. Photo courtesy of Miguel Á on Pexels.


A FaceTime screenshot of the author and her best friend, Alex, holding a plastic frog. Photo provided by the author.


Photo of an hourglass against a black backdrop, next to flowers and a book. Image courtesy of Nathan Dumlao.

Your time

Black and white photo of a person's hand holding a pen, with homework, and calculator and backpack on a classroom desk. Image courtesy of Oussama Zaidi via Unsplash.